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When we realize our insignificance in this world,
it some how relieves the pressures from society to succeed - 
Cindy Bonish 04/07

There are many things that you must have when it comes to playing in the outdoors.  We know that everyone has their own lists, but it's all too easy to over look some basic items when heading out to have fun in Mother Natures backyard. 

We've put together a few pages of must have items for various activities we enjoy.  By no means are any of these set in stone, but feel free to copy them and add items that fit your own personal needs.  These are just a good starting point.


Here are a few other articles that we think will help answer many questions we all have in the RV world.  Most have been written by some expert in the field, because we all know that I'm not this smart.

Found this little bit of info on the web at The Daily Green - On the highway, try not to exceed a speed of 55 miles per hour. Not only are you less likely to get into an accident, but the faster you drive, the more fuel your vehicle consumes per mile. That means more money and more greenhouse gases that you're burning!  Plus, think of all the cool sights you're missing.

At 65 mph you're burning 10% more fuel than at 55, according to the American Council for an Energy-Efficient Economy. At 70 you lose 17% of your fuel economy, and at 75 itís 25%! The numbers get worse from there.

Even though you may thrive off living in the fast lane, if the national speed limit were reset to 55mph and everyone were to follow it, it would save 1 billion barrels of oil per year -- more than the U.S. imports from the Persian Gulf.


While looking through some news stories, I stumbled across this article from Dr. Craven about Bio-Diesel and Going Green.  Its just a short read and is pretty interesting when the facts are stated out in the open.  Just think if we could really cut our ties to foreign oil what it would do with the economy.  Hopefully America will "Wake Up" and this can happen very soon!



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