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Tool Kit List for Every Miles A Memory

This is the Tool Kit we keep with us at all times.  You can start with this kit and add or subtract with anything that might fit your certain needs.  If you see after a few times camping that an item on this list has never been taken out of the tool box, then feel free to leave it at home on the next trip.  But make sure when you add an item, you add it to the list.  This way when you’re checking through the list before the next camping trip, you’ll make sure you have it.

Most of these tools fit in a Craftsman 3 drawer tool box that we keep in the bed of the truck.  I also keep a small plastic tool box in one of the storage compartments of the camper which has another set of tools that are specific for our mountain bikes.  This box also has a full set of wrenches, screwdrivers and sockets.  This way, if the truck is in one place and the camper is in another, both have at least some tools if the need arises

I don’t get paid to advertise for Craftsman, the only reason I use their tools is they have a 100% no questions asked return policy on their hand tools.  Their stores are located across the country and I can walk in without a receipt and show them a broken wrench, and they tell me to go get a new one of the rack, its that easy. 

I started with a small set a long time ago, and figured I would keep adding to it.  There are plenty of other tool brand names out there, so if you’re loyal to one, stick with them.  We liked the fact that Craftsman is nationwide and can be replaced if needed in any major town.

So here is the list, not really in any specific order


  • * Multi-Driver with assorted bits in the handle (Common, Phillips, Torx, Square)
  • * Individual screwdrivers in the above types, in various lengths.  At least one of each in both long and short


  • * Needle-Nose
  • * Dykes
  • * Common Pliers – Assorted Sizes
  • * Channel Locks – Assorted Sizes
  • * Craftsman Robo-Grip

Combination Wrenches

  • * Basic Set, Ό” to 3/4”
  • * Individual Wrenches in sizes greater than 1” for wheel bearings and Suspension
  • * Adjustable Wrenches – Assorted Sizes

Socket Set

  • * Socket Drives Ό” – ½” & 3/8”
  • * Appropriate Spark Plug Wrench for motorcycle
  • * Socket Extensions for all sizes & Adapters to switch between Sizes
  • * Torx Bits and Adapters to connect other tools like the 18volt drill

Allen Wrenches

  • *Set of Common Sizes and random ones for anything specific we need

Various Other Tools We Bring

  • * Wire Stripper and a few feet of different gauge wire for making repairs
  • * Electrical Tape
  • * Fuse Puller
  • * Spare Fuses (One or more for each size needed)
  • * Filter Wrenches that fit the Filters on the Truck
  • * Quality Tire Gauge - This is very important not to skimp here
  • * Pry Bar
  • * Hammer
  • * Sledge Hammer/Tire Thumper – Smaller Version
  • * Bike Tool Box Should Already Be Set up & should stay Separate
  • * Small Shovel
  • * Hack Saw w/ Extra Blades
  • * A Few Various Sized Tarps for Emergencies
  • * Small Hand Saw for Trees or Branches
  • * ½” Torque Wrench for tightening Lug Nuts on Tow Vehicle and Camper

Cordless Drill Set – I have the DeWalt set that includes an 18volt Drill, Sawsall, and Flashlight

  • * We use the 18volt drill to put our scissor jacks up and down, which makes this slow task a fast job.  Plus you always need a drill incase you need to mount some new toy or hang something up in the camper.
  • * Make sure there is a Drill Bit Set inside with assorted driver bits
  • * Make sure there is Extra Sawsall Blades for various types of cutting jobs
  • * Extra 18volt batteries and charger stays in the case

Other Items we Always Carry While on the Road to Make the Travels Easier

  • * A few rolls of Duct Tape in various strengths and widths
  • * Assorted Bungee Cords in various lengths and sizes
  • * Assorted Ratchet Straps in various lengths and sizes
  • * 12 Volt Air Compressor for airing up the tires while traveling
  • * Aluminum Step Ladder to reach the top of the truck and other things on the Sunline – Ours is just a 3 step model that is very lightweight but holds up fine
  • * Strong Nylon Rope – 100’ roll from Hardware store was only $10
  • * Large packet of Zip-Ties in Assorted Sizes
  • * Large packet of Velcro – One pack that can be stuck to things, and then a 20’ roll for making wraps for assorted cords and such
  • * Staple Gun and various packets of staples
  • * A few of each size Heavy Duty Carabineers – These always come in handy
  • * 25’ 30amp Extension Cord – 30 to 15 amp adapter – 50 to 30 adapter
  • * 20’ section of Rope Lighting for under the awning while in a campsite
  • * 20’ light duty extension cord
  • * Mr. Heater portable propane heater - I heard about this on RV Net, and went out and bought one right away.  This little heater pumps out 9,000 BTU’s and will run for 220 hours on one 1lb bottle of propane.  We hope this will keep our propane costs down compared to having to run the big furnace which not only drains the batteries quick, but uses a lot of propane. 
  • NEVER leave the propane heater going while you sleep!  NEVER Leave the propane heater going inside the camper unattended!  ALWAYS keep a vent partially open while running the propane heater.
  • * Pit Stop Bag – I got this bag when we got our Dirt Bag cover for the Motorcycle.  It’s supposed to go around a 5 gallon gas can and hold extra stuff, but it fits around a standard milk crate just fine. 
  • We keep a milk crate on the back of our hitch-haul rack which holds a small gas can for the bike and some other stuff.  With the Pit Stop Bag around the crate, I now keep quarts of oil for the bike, spray bottles of cleaner and tire shine in the pockets and not have to worry about them opening up in a compartment. 
  • I also keep a few extra 1lb propane bottles in one of the pockets for the heater. 

 Water and Sewer Pieces We Use – The Nasty Part of Camping that no one wants to talk about

  • * We replaced our stock Sewer Cover with a model that has a Male hose connection on it – This allows us to hook a section of garden hose up incase we need to run the Grey Water out while camping.  Of course only when legal to do so ☺
  • * 5’ Sewer Hose – 10' sewer hose - 20’ Sewer Hose –  All have the male connectors secured on them and we keep a few couplers
  • * Clear 45° Elbow which is very helpful to know when the tanks are flowing clear water out
  • * 90° Elbow for Street Sewer Hook-up along with a Rubber Sewer Ring
  • * Slinky device to keep Sewer Hose off the ground and at a constant flow to the main line
  • * Bottle of Thetford Disinfectant Gel kept in storage locker for cleaning hands after using any of the Sewer Hoses
  • * Package of disposable Latex Gloves for my hands while emptying the Black/Grey Tanks
  • * 8’ section of 3/4” hose I made for hooking up to flush out the Black Tank from non-potable water line at dump sites
  • * Water Thief - incase they have stripped threads at the dump station
  • * Shur-Flo Macerator Pump incase we cant find a place to empty the Black Tank – This pump can empty a full tank in a few minutes through a Ύ” garden hose into a sewer clean out, Porta-John or house hold toilet if we cant find anything else.  I know it sounds gross, but it needs to go somewhere ☺
  • * 10’ Fresh Water Hose – 20’ Fresh Water Hose – These two can be hooked together if I need a longer run
  • * Extra set of Male and Female hose connections incase a hose was to break and a mending kit
  • * Class A Filter set-up for filling Fresh Tank from City Water
  • * Charcoal Filter to put in filter set-up when hooked up to City Water
  • * Pressure Regulator to keep pressure at 45PSI when hooked up to City Water
  • * Packet of Hose Washers
  • * Assorted sizes of Hose Clamps for anything from the Sewer Hose to the Garden Hose
  • * Thetford Drop-Ins for inside the Black Tank.  We’ve never noticed any odors and all gauges stay working while on the road

Solar Tips, Fact's and Trick's we've learned while on the road.  Fell free to send any tips or tricks of your own that might help us along. 

Camper Check List - A list of things we do before leaving camp.  Again, this isn't gospel, but its a good start for those who might not already have a list made up.

Every Miles A Memory!

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