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“When words become unclear, I shall focus with photographs. When images become inadequate, I shall be content with silence.”




































Wandering re-establishes the original harmony which once existed between man and the universe. 
Anatole France














71% of the Population believes in global warming, while the other 29% are still trying to resolve the "Earth is Flat" debate




"Twenty years from now you will be more disappointed by the things you didn't do than by the ones you did do. So throw off the bowlines, sail away from the safe harbor. Catch the trade winds in your sails. Explore. Dream. Discover."
~ Mark Twain







































































































































































































































































"Thousands of tired, nerve-shaken, over-civilized people are beginning to find out that going to the mountain is going home; that wildness is necessity; that mountain parks and reservations are useful not only as fountains of timber and irrigating rivers, but as fountains of life."
John Muir











'Government is like a baby: An alimentary canal with a big appetite at one end and no sense of responsibility at the other.'
- Ronald Reagan




























"Around the Next Turn is Where Our Adventure Begins"
- Pat Bonish
































"No one traveling on a business trip would be missed if he failed to arrive"
~ Thorstein Veblen




















"Not all who wander are lost"
~ Anonymous













"On the plains of hesitation lie the bleached bones of those who waited, and while waiting, died".......











































































































































"Your job won't take care of you when you are sick. Your friends and parents will. Stay in touch"
~ Anonymous
















"God, Family & Friends. With a Little Beer Drinking"
~ Colt Ford

















"Life is too short to waste time hating anyone"
~ Anonymous

































"The Sure Sign of Life is Death.  Why Else Would humanity Thrive So Hard To Leave Its Mark on This World"

- Unknown

































“The use of traveling is to regulate imagination by reality, and instead of thinking how things may be, to see them as they are.”

- Samuel Johnson





























“He who does not travel does not know the value of men.”

- Moorish proverb














“A journey is like marriage. The certain way to be wrong is to think you control it.”

- John Steinbeck

























“No one realizes how beautiful it is to travel until he comes home and rests his head on his old, familiar pillow.”

- Lin Yutang



























“All travel has its advantages. If the passenger visits better countries, he may learn to improve his own. And if fortune carries him to worse, he may learn to enjoy it.”

- Samuel Johnson














“For my part, I travel not to go anywhere, but to go. I travel for travel’s sake. The great affair is to move.”

- Robert Louis Stevenson



























“One’s destination is never a place, but a new way of seeing things.”

- Henry Miller

















“Traveling is a brutality. It forces you to trust strangers and to lose sight of all that familiar comfort of home and friends. You are constantly off balance. Nothing is yours except the essential things - air, sleep, dreams, the sea, the sky - all things tending towards the eternal or what we imagine of it.”

- Cesare Pavese





























″A traveler without observation is a bird without wings.”

- Moslih Eddin Saadi
















“To awaken quite alone in a strange town is one of the pleasantest sensations in the world.”

- Freya Stark

































“Travel is more than the seeing of sights; it is a change that goes on, deep and permanent, in the ideas of living.”

- Miriam Beard




















“All journeys have secret destinations of which the traveler is unaware.”

- Martin Buber














“To my mind, the greatest reward and luxury of travel is to be able to experience everyday things as if for the first time, to be in a position in which almost nothing is so familiar it is taken for granted.”

- Bill Bryson

















“Do not follow where the path may lead. Go instead where there is no path and leave a trail”

- Ralph Waldo Emerson


























“There is no moment of delight in any pilgrimage like the beginning of it.”

- Charles Dudley Warner














'Life isn't fair - but it's still good'

~ Anonymous












'Don't compare your life to others. You have no idea what their journey is all about'

~ Anonymous





When we realize our insignificance in this world,
it some how relieves the pressures from society to succeed - 
Cindy Bonish

Readers Comments

In the past few years, we've loved hearing from our readers and never knew they'd be so kind as they've been.  When we first started this site, we thought we'd have a few friends and family members following along from our home town while we traveled the country living full time in our RV. 

Throughout our journey, it's been amazing to us how many people have contacted us to show their support.  Not just from our home state of Michigan either, from all over the world!!

Most just wish us "Good Luck", while others have suggested tips on problems we had talked about in one of our blogs, and some have shared some of their own mishaps while on the road. 

If nothing else, we both feel very humbled knowing we have been an inspiration for others.  I would hope that when reading our Blogs, like minded individuals will understand that a trip like this isn't that hard to achieve.  Like Cindy's quote says at the top of the page, once you realize our insignificance and how small we really are, those everyday pressures seem so exaggerated.

Thanks to all who have contacted us, as we love to hear from anyone who has read through our site.  Whether you agree with what we're doing, or think we're the whack jobs some claim us to be, let us know. 

Believe me, you're not going to hurt our feelings.  Besides, like my kid sister Amy used to say, "What ever you say bounces off of me, and sticks to you like glue"

Here are some of the great comments we've received from around the country


So glad to see you back online. Many of us have been worried about you during October absence. I dropped you an email two years ago when we were in Idaho and you were in Yellowstone. However, you were busy making a quick exit due to weather. Have really enjoyed your postings and the daily trials and tribulations.

We just got back from 10 days with daughter and family in Cape Canaveral. We are from Missouri and travel in a Class C. Hope to someday see you back on the road.

Charlotte Neville


Hi, my name is Liz, I live in Riverside, CA. I recently launched a Kickstarter project (linked in my sig) that has a similar feel to what you guys are doing, and a gentleman by the name of Chris Couse recommended I get in contact with you guys :)

First, let me say: I AM SOOOO JEALOUS! lol :) Being on the road is so freeing, every day a new sight, and as you say, every mile a memory... I wish I could just toss everything in a truck today and just take off... but being a disabled (former) student I need a bit more help to get my project off the ground. I had to leave my job and school due to seizures back in February; but, I figure it must be a sign to move on to something bigger and better!

My project is a 10,000 mile, 100 day photographic tour around the continental US taking only back roads and lost highways. Our plan is to photograph our locations daily, as well as tracking our route via GPS, picking up trash, and blogging the entire experience

I've always enjoyed traveling the back roads of the nearby deserts, and I've taken back ways up north a few times, but I've never really done a project like this... in fact, I've barely left the state of California at all. Turn around trips to Vegas, and crossing the AZ border just to say I've been there, aren't exactly the same as living on the road for 3+ months.

I was wondering if you might be able to help me out with some tips or suggestions... the kind of stuff people don't think about until they find themselves mid-extended-road trip? I know I've thought about the big stuff, like gas and packing lightly, but there's just some things you can't foresee! :)

Thanks so much for you time, and I look forward to any thoughts, ideas, or tips you might have for me :)

Thanks again,

Liz Caldwell

What A Trip... Getting Lost on America's Back Roads

Liz Caldwell Photography


After looking at a lot of blogs since October 21, 2011 and reading as much information as possible, I find your site to be the best. As my blog shows, I am in the process of filtering information and trying to decide what type of RV to buy. Like you, I am wanting to boondock more than anything but with THREE dogs (2 bassets & 1 bloodhound). I cannot tell you the amount of hours I have gone back and forth between Class A's, Class C's and travel trailers.

I have a Toyota 4runner, 4x4, V8 I have thought of using. I don't really want to sell it and I am not sure I want to two it on a trailer behind a Class A for the type of full-time RVing I am wanting to do.

It would only be me and my hounds traveling together, as far as I know at this time....so I am thinking I might be able to get away with a shorter length trailer. I do know of an online blogger that has two small dogs, fulltime in a 16' Casita, towed by a Van.

I am thinking my 4Runner will be ok for towing and of course a backcountry vehicle. It has a fold down back seat and the covered bed area with a sports package (roof rack & towing hitch).

I can't see "living" in RV parks, I can do that at home.

Well back to your website full of information.



Hello Pat and Cindy, I am happy for both of you and wish you well with your travels. I have bookmarked your site and forwarded it onto my other camping buddies.  If you ever intend to be in this area (Northeast PA) email me and I will try to help you out.

I am glad you decided to put this online and I look forwarded to seeing where you go. Take care and happy traveling. - Ellen Hoffman - Pennsylvania


Hi Cindy & Pat, Good luck on your travels. Found out about your adventure from the Sunline Owners Club forum and have been following your blogs. I’m envious. What you’re doing is something my wife and I dream about doing some day. But with 3 kids in college next year, it may be a few years before we can do it.

God bless you both and may your travels be safe. I’ll be reading your blogs.



Hello Pat & Cindy, I teach 2nd graders in Mooresville, NC.  Race City USA. In order to help students learn the states and different places that tie into our N.C. Standard Course of Study we ask parents, friends, and relatives to send us postcards from the states visited.  This excites the children and they want to learn. When that child receives a postcard at school from someone they know, well , words can't express the joy they feel. We trace the US on butcher paper and have the students glue the states with colored tissue paper. Once we receive a postcard, we read the note plus the information about that state and find it on the map. The postcard is then stapled to the board with a string going to its state.

I was wondering if you could send us postcards while you're on your adventure?

Lakeshore Elementary School
252 Lakeshore School Dr.
Mooresville, N.C  28117
Attention : Mrs. Kathy McDermott's 2nd grade

I could even have the students write via email.  We'll be following you around !
Thanks, Kathy McDermott


Hey there Pat and Cindy,
I've been reading your blogs and following along with your journey for about a month now.  It seems like I know you without ever even meeting you!  My wife Denise and I live in Phoenix Arizona.  We currently have a 28' Alpenlite Aspen travel trailer and a Chevy Avalanche.
A lot of the things you guys say and do are so close to how Denise and I are, it's kinda funny.  When I first started reading your blogs, I thought, what a great idea.  Then as I read more, I thought, why don't we do this also?  I really like how you set your minds to it and made your trip happen.  We are starting to talk about what it would take for us to be able to hit the road, with you guys as an inspiration. 
I will be writing more later, but in the meantime, I have a suggestion for your website.  Have you thought of putting some sort of map on the site showing where you have been and what roads you traveled?  There may be something you can use on Microsoft's http://maps.live.com where you can create your own pages.  Be sure to try the "Bird's eye view" stuff!
Anyway, all for now.  Have fun in Nashville!  Don and Denise


Cindy - I felt a little guilty when I read that Pat made you drive the train. Since I KNOW Steve told him how important he thinks it is that I share while driving our rig. You know what else? It seems like as soon as he turns it over to me, the nice calm road situation is automatically over and I find myself driving through something obnoxious like 5 lanes of traffic around Boston, or through Conn. where they don't have rest stops!  FYI....We've enjoyed our new kayak on the New River in Virginia and at the local yucky Blue Marsh lake. Wilderness Systems seats are fantastic! Thanks for the tip Pat. Have a great trip! Pam (aka QUEtSE)


If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to drop me an email. We’ve been camping a long time and have taken a few 5+ week trips, so have some ideas what it’s like to be on the road for an extended period of time. We traveled with our cat and dog also. Which reminds me, if you travel through PA at any time, PA state parks don’t allow pets in their campgrounds. That’s another thing we found out the hard way. Got kicked out of one at 9pm at night. I know you’re not headed that way now, but it’s good to remember. - Hutch


I just started following your "journey". Its a neat idea, and I'm really enjoying it.
We just began the camping fun, still doing it on weekends for short trips (we live in Peachtree City, GA). So, the trips have been, for the most part, an easy drive radius from Peachtree City.

However, we're wanting to camp near Savannah sometime during the winter months. I saw you stayed at River's End.  Why there, instead of the state park campground on Skidaway Island?

From the pictures in the campground guides, and on-line, it looks like the campers are just parked helter skelter, and practically on top of one another. We opt for a little more space when possible.
Your feedback is appreciated. Thanx, Bill and Debbie, Georgia


El Monte RV Rentals & Motorhome Rentals

Hi Pat and Cindy!  As I look through your gallery I have images of Pat running around, jumping around, up on top of the trailer, falling into streams, lying on the ground --- and click, click, click with the camera...makes me smile and kinda chuckle a little.  Looks like its been an adventure already. It's nice to live vicariously through the internet and your travels. - Julie


Hi Pat & Cindy!  Just checked out the website - very nice!  Great job on the format and I like the individual blogs.  Welcome to the road and let us know if there is anything you need. Looking forward to seeing you some day! :)

Howard  www.rv-dreams.com


Pat & Cindy - We just wanted to let you know we leave Kigoma on Wednesday and Dar es Salaam on Friday and should be stateside into O'Hare Airport on Saturday.

I want to thank you for your very kind offer of a place to park our Sunline to work on it at your place in Michigan. It looks like the good Lord has worked things out for us and a farmer in Crete Illinois is going to let us use his place and has even offered electrical power for a couple of weeks.

I just wanted to say thank you for your offer. It would be great if our paths crossed sometime in the next year. We would love to see your rig and meet you both in person.

Thanks again, Lowell - Kigoma, Tanza - Africa


EMAM,  Reading of your travels on the Sunline Club site really makes me wish we weren't stuck in the snows of Lewis Co., New York. We are planning a trip to South Carolina in April and had checked Oceans Lakes Campground out on their website. How is it?

Thanks, Harvey - New York


Pat - Like your cool modifications. Where did you get the "Mount" for your TV in the bedroom of your trailer? How much did it cost ?  Happy Camping !!! Sunline1


Okay, I enjoyed your blogs until I read the new ones. I wanna see dolphins and pet manatees!!!!!!  (Insert whining voice here.) We did get a good laugh out of Cindy's tick stories, although it did just make us miss you guys and your crazy antics a lot more. We are a little bitter that you are away from us and in the warm weather so we decided that we are NOT going to knit you guys scarves, so there! (Though I will knit a lil' something something for the dogs cause it's not their fault that you dragged them away from us. ;)

Till the next time. Love you guys. Sara and Jess - Michigan


Were you on Hwy 49 around Magee, MS Saturday night???

I passed a TT like yours with a lot of Stickers going southbound just on the North side of Magee.  Didn't get a real good look at the TT cause we were running Lights and Siren to my partners' kids wreck in front of Wal-Mart. (no injuries)

It looked a lot like y'all.  Take Care - Marion, Mississippi


Hey Cindy, I am so excited for you guys on this amazing life adventure! I will follow your journey through your site and I wish you guys the best of luck. Wish it was me!!!!  Pat's photography is amazing.  Well guys.....have a great time and I will keep in touch. 

Much love, Ana - Florida


Hi!  I stumbled across your website on a link from some photos you posted on the Photography on the Net forums (POTN). I have spent the last hour enjoying your adventures and dreaming of the day when I can follow in your footsteps.  Congratulations on making the decision to live your dream! I’ll be following along until I can cut myself free from the daily grind and become a road warrior myself!  -

Becca from New Hampshire


Hey guys! I saw your truck and camper at Sam's Club this afternoon in Memphis.  Just thought I'd would say "Hey"  - Thomas Dayton Jr. - Tennessee


Hey Guys, I was checking out your cool website, and reading Cindy's blog and so forth, and thought it was really cool.  I like how you're traveling around to different places, seeing the country, and enjoying life and all it has to offer.  You and Cindy sound like really cool people, so I thought I'd see when you might be heading to the Mid-west again. 

If you've never been to Minnesota, it really is beautiful, cold, but beautiful, and since my husband and I just moved here, and don't have anybody to hang out with, maybe you could come and see how beautiful Minnesota is, and we can drink some beers.  So I'll be looking for you to come this way.   Sincerely, Tish (everycocktailsamemory) Smigiel


Hey, Wanted to let you know I saw you guys on the Zilwaukee Bridge on Friday the 27th of July.  It put a smile on my face and made me want to hang out the window and scream "Hello"  I refrained.  Must have been my hangover.  Hope you had a nice trip and I look forward to spotting you again soon on the road. 

Happy August to you and yours.  Dana - Michigan


Hi Pat and Cindy,  I saw in your blog this morning that you’ve had some run ins with ticks.  We use Front Line on our dog when we travel.  If you’re not familiar with it, it’s a liquid that you put on between the shoulder blades on the dogs back.  Just thought I’d pass that on to you.  Sounds like you’re having a great time, I’m envious. Glad the suggested route worked out for you.

Enjoy, be safe, and God Bless.  - Hutch


Hey Guys!  We just got back from a trip to Vegas. We took 2 days (not nearly enough) to go to the North Rim of the Grand Canyon and to Mt. Zion National Park in Utah. If Mt. Zion was not on your list of things to do...I suggest you consider it! Great hiking and amazing scenery!

We stayed at Mt. Zion resort and met a couple that is traveling like the both of you are. They travel for 6 months, and work 6 months. They were at the resort working...the girl did the check in and the guy was in charge of the ATV tours, campfires and other "guy" stuff.  You should definitely consider going to Zion! Although we didn't make it there, I heard Bryce Canyon is amazing too. That is only about 2 hours from Zion.  Good Travels ~ Amy, Michigan


Hey guys,  Wow we just heard the news about your guys' trip from Ana in Lake Worth, and checked out your site. That's f-ing rad, guys!  I can't believe you guys are doing this as we finally decided (with great pain) to sell our trailer and settle in a home.  We'd love to keep in touch and let us know when you will be in SoCal so we can hook up. I'll be checking up on your site for updates.  Take care, Frankie


Hi There,  It’s the Brit with nice teeth!!!  It was really fun to meet you guys this evening. We are very interested about your travels and we will be logging onto your website often to see where you are and what you are up to! When you get up to Washington Sate, please get in contact if you need pointers on where to go as I know my brother would be only to happy to help out. We look forward to seeing you again soon.

Take care, Caroline, Rob & Henry - Florida


Hi Pat and Cindy!  I stumbled upon Every Miles a Memory today. I'm amazed! As a long time Milfordite and Red Dog regular (I was playing pool and shakin' my butt there Wednesday as a matter of fact), I salute you! I grew up in the General RV family and now own a business in Whitmore Lake called JP's RVs www.jpsrvs.com  I'm kicking myself for not getting to sell to you but I'd love to support you in your travels. The photographs are amazing! I spent the morning at Monticello (I've always wanted to go..) cheers to you!  I'd like to put a link on our site if that's alright with you. Let me know what you think! I'd love to hear from you!

Jessica Petzel - JP's RVs


Hello Pat and Cindy, Just read your RV web site and the story of following your dreams. Great stuff! I admire your willingness to look at adventure, risks and just go for it. Your treasure chest of memories will be overflowing for years to come. Keep on trucking! - Dick Garcia

"Still Diagonally parked in a Parallel World"


Well hello Pat and Cindy!! I am very envious of your adventure....Jim (my husband) and I plan on doing exactly what you are doing when we retire.............

We are actually going this weekend to look at some travel trailers. I just have one question......................WHY IS MY PICTURE NOT ON YOUR WEBSITE???? hahahahhaha. I hope you both are doing well and it is very interesting to read your blog!!!  Micki - Michigan


Pat & Cindy, I just wanted to thank you for such a wonderful site!  I also was shocked to know that you had just stayed at Buttonwood campground (Mexico, PA) a few weeks before us. We just happened to stay there for the first time last weekend and are heading back there again this weekend. I am pretty sure we had actually passed your camper at some point. I remember saying to my husband look at that camper with the graphics. Then when I saw your post on RVNet I took a look at your site.

You truly are living a dream of mine and I hope to some day be able to do the same thing. I have so many questions for you but I will be brief for now! I was looking over your expense report and you only list income one month. Are you strictly living off of savings and from selling the bar or do your sponsors help support your travels? I apologize if this is very personal questions. I am very young as well as my husband and I hope to be able to become full time before I retire. Once again thank you for keeping my dream alive by letting me and so many others see into your lives and how you accomplish this dream!

May I wish you happy trails, safe driving and a lifetime of memories! Thank you, Jennifer Dillman


What an inspiration your story is!!!  I just read about it in the Milford Times. If you are still in FLA, there is a secluded beach & great open air bar on the gulf side in between Spring Hill & Weeki Watchee called Pine Island.  It's amazing to watch the tide go out & see the beach get bigger & bigger by the minute......and the sunsets are just as amazing.

Good Luck to you both.  Heather Taylor, Milford MI


Pat & Cindy,  Hey guys My name is John.  My girlfriend friend Katie and I met y'all in Cedar Key around mid March at the Raw Bar (we were the three college students). That infamous night is documented very well in both of your blogs.

I just wanted to say it was very nice meeting both of you and we really enjoy your website. It has already given us some vacation ideas for the summer. Anne Marie Island and St. George Island look like very relaxing places to kayak and fish.  I am a fifth generation Floridian and have never been to either.  Anyway just wanted to stop in and say "Hi" and let you know that Katie, Brian and I enjoy your website and look forward to updates in the future. - John


Hi Guys,  Perhaps like most of your e-mails you probably get, you don't know me nor do I know you except for what I've read in both the Milford Times and now your web site (my wife told me to check it out, she said that I would like it).

The reason for my writing was to simply let you know how great it is that you're both living like you are.  I read in the paper that you guys heard mixed reactions when you told people (including friends) of your plans to travel across the country for the next couple of years. When I first read about your plans; I thought, WOW, HOW COOL! I'M JEALOUS.

It's funny, when I read some of Pat's blog, I thought, it could have been something that I wrote in terms of likes and dislikes (it's funny you mentioned Kenny Chesney's CD 'Be as you are' because I tell my wife that listening to it makes me want to just pack everything up and move down to Florida or some place warm to just kick back and live).

Anyways, this isn't about me it's about you two and a stranger living in Milford wishing you guys sunny sky's, safe driving and many laughs for lasting memories! - Kevin, Michigan


El Monte RV Rentals & Motorhome Rentals

Checked out the website, I saw all the pictures and read the blog.  Matt and I really enjoyed meeting you guys and I thank you for spending money and time in my state. I will follow ya'lls journey as it goes. I wish ya'll good fortune and hope ya'll will keep in touch from time to time. Let me know if I can be of any assistance. 
Sincerely, Kris  Addis, LA


Hello Fellow campers...

Maybe I should say extreme campers as we are just newbie's compared to you two.

We live east of Cleveland Ohio and spent a year looking for an RV, we really wanted a Sunline Toy Hauler, but after driving the 4 hours north to General RV, we purchased an All American Sport. That's how we found your website, we enjoy reading about your adventure, and I'm really jealous!!!

Our tow vehicle is a 2002 Ford F250 Superduty crew cab, and when your pulling a 31' toy hauler with a 1963 Harley..pause here...golf cart.... to dirt tracks to watch late model cars race, you need to do it with some horsepower, and the whine of a diesel is just a bonus.

I'd really be interested to hear if your heading this far north, we're 7 miles inland on Lake Erie, but if your not, that's ok...if you get near the Georgia/Tennessee border near Blue Ridge, and Elijay, there are some #5 rated rapids that are breathtaking that I'm sure Pat would enjoy.

Please keep up your blogs, we travel with you!!

Marty & Viki - Kirtland, Ohio


Pat and Cindy - Hope you are doing well and enjoying your travels. I often think of you guys and wish you well.  Tony, Milford, Michigan


Hello, I found your blog through a site called RVThereYet  This site has posted a long list of RV blogs, including yours and mine as well. I've clicked on a few of the links there and have enjoyed reading some of your recent posts. I particularly like your photography.

My site details the camping adventures I have with my wife and two small boys. The site is called The Camping Machine and you can see it at www.thecampingmachine.com  Thanks very much for your time and your very nice website.
- Family Man


Occasionally, I have been checking in on you both. Looks like your having a blast! I'm Very envious. Only eight more years before Dave & I can dream of such.  We went camping last week with our son and the two dogs and thought of you often. With our 2 big puppies 73 lbs and 53 lbs it was near impossible to get around. I too, am now very slide-out envious. I was ready to go batty after  a week. God Bless you for traveling this way all the time.  Tell Pat I really enjoyed his baby wipe story! LOL.  -
Live, Laugh, Love - Sue, Lake Worth, Florida


Hi Pat, Thanks for the picture and the tips. Your sites look very professional. 
Thanks, Toby - New Iberia, LA


Just wanted to offer you the opportunity to make a little fix that might help those who are interested in Cages Bend…. 

Cages Bend is in Nashville and Graceland is in Memphis. This is listed incorrectly in the places you have been.  I am not trying to be critical, just know that you put a lot of effort into your site and want it to be as good as possible.  Sincerely, Jeff in TN.


Pat & Cindy,  It was a pleasure visiting with both of you this weekend. We thank you for attending our festival and hope that you enjoyed yourself. If there is ever anything we can do for you down here please don't hesitate to contact me.

Tim - Director - SugArena at Acadiana Fairgrounds, Louisiana


Howdy Pat n Cindy! Sounds like ya both are having a great time in your exploring. I try to keep up with your blogs when I am sitting around in a truck stop somewhere. Sounds like you are enjoying them "coonasses". LOL!!  Most that I have known are pretty funny people.

Take care y'all. Be safe! - Troy


Hey Pat & Cindy, we meet this weekend at White Oak Lake.  Just got home and looked up ya'lls website, really enjoyed all the things the both of you are writing about.  I'll be sure 2 keep up with the both of your travels.  May God take care of the both of you on your travels & keep you safe. Danny - Arkansas

P.S. - Noticed how much the 2 of you liked campfires, we always build huge fires at my brothers place out in his field by the pond, hope ya'll can join us some time b4 you leave Arkansas


Pat, I just gotta say, in all sincerity, I think it is really, really awesome what you guys are doing.  I can only wish that when I'm your age (Old A@#...) that I can do exactly the same thing.  I looked through almost all of the pictures and read a bunch of the blogs.  That's really, really cool.  I'm jealous and proud at the same time.  Tell Cindy I said hi and that I miss both of you guys.  Good luck and stay in touch.  Dan - Charleston S.C.


Hey Pat and Cindy, It's John from Milford. Great concept. Reminds me of something I did in college.
Have fun and my hats off to you - John Archer, Michigan


Hi Pat, I love your website and all the mods you have made to your truck & trailer. I would love to be in a position to travel as much as you do. Maybe when the kids are on their own, I'll get to spend more time away. I am currently building almost the exact same bike rack for my trailer tongue and was wondering how the horizontal support bars for the bikes were made? Would it be possible to get a picture with no bikes mounted on the rack? This is the only part I am still struggling with.

Thanks in advance if you can help me out!    Mark Melton - Springfield, IL


Hey Pat and Cindy, I hope this finds you well and happy. I have been following this journey, as much as possible.  It really sounds like a great trip and your writings reflect that. You really need to see the west and northwest. I hope you make it that far (I think you might want to stay out of Kansas!).  One of my best memories was when we (Liz and I, Luke and Josh) drove out to California and back.  Luke liked the mountains and Josh fell in love with Vegas (go figure). We are really blessed to live in such beautiful and diverse country.

Have a safe and wonderful trip, please know that you are missed.
- Merrill Mudd, Highland, MI


Wow man, thanks for such a great write up! I hope I can live up to what you think it is.  Glad to hear ya digging the tunes.  Once again thanks alot

Jaryd Lane - Louisiana


I have read some of your site. My wife and I envy what you are doing. Thanks for the advice on hauling the kayaks. Just wondering if you have any opinions on what type of kayak to get. We will mostly use them for exploring local lakes while we are camping but maybe try a few slow rivers around home. Why do you have three of them, is one a tandem? Have you tried a tandem? From what I have heard most people seem to think that it is easier to paddle separately rather than in a tandem. Thank you - Tater


Hey, just wanted to say "Hi" and find out some of the new adventures you may have been on lately. I hope this email finds the two of you doing well and I look forward to hearing from you soon.  You guys are awesome; just to let you know that everyone misses you guys and the great job you did with the Red Dog. I will definitely check out the adventures you guys encounter. 
Debra Zimmerman - Michigan


Howdy y'all!  Just sitting here catching up on your blog and watching the wings just lose in OT. For sure gonna be a tough series!! Happy Mother's Day (belated now) to ya Cindy. Still sounds like ya both are enjoying your time exploring. I am enjoying learning all the stuff that I am missing by passing thru all these places! LOL Sheeeesh.....Is there a tick problem out there or what?????  Y'all take care!! especially trying to get that "great" shot of the waterfalls!!! lol

Cya!!  Troy - Long Haul Trucker or Asphalt Cowboy


How you guys doing?  Love reading about your adventures.  Great job!  Keep up the great work and the pictures are wonderful.  Sandy W. - Highland, Michigan


Hey guys, just wanted to send you a quick email. I've been keeping up with both of your blogs on a regular basis. I took a trip down to my brother's in Hilton head around 3 weeks ago towing my 23' trailer. Was planning on shooting down to a good friends in West Palm and decided to take a little detour to Cedar Key to check out Castaways.

Got there on a Thursday, Dan greeted me with a beer at the Tiki Bar, and what was supposed to be a 1 night stay turned in to 3. I had a blast and made some great new friends. Thought I'd share some pics. I'm really looking forward to your Bonnaroo pictures and blog. I've tried to make it the last couple years, but just hasn't worked out. Have fun! 
- Ron in Cincinnati


Hi Guys,  Been watching your travels - Looks like you are having a great time, at least mostly, saw how mad Cindy was at you on the river - don't worry Cindy, when Jack taught me to ride my motorcycle I had the same kinda situation.  Be good, Deb


I was just saying that I was living (Pat’s) other dream of sitting on my a_ _ and designing houses for a living.  Craig and I are both very envious about the traveling you are doing, we had always said that we would love to do that if we had the money.  Take care and stay in touch.  I will keep myself updated through the web-site, it keeps me laughing especially when you use the wrong wipes!!! Lisa & Craig Auburn Hills, MI


Hello there!! It's Ronda from last night. I just wanted to let you know what a pleasure it was meeting both of you last night. We had a great time.  Thank you so much for sharing your adventure with us and letting us live vicariously through you for what most of us (or maybe just ME) would never be brave enough to do!!! :~)  Thank You!!


Hey Pat,  I hadn't been on your site in a little over a week and just read your blog for May 15th. I enjoyed reading about your uphill/downhill climb, especially "For those of you that don't have a Turbo Diesel, you'll never know the sweet sound the whine a turbo makes when it's really working hard."

Thanks for digging it in...you know I really wanted a diesel . It's music to my ears too. I know it's no PSD, but I do have the recording of a Cummins ISB as my Windows start up sound. So, every time I start the computer, I hear a diesel start!  Jon, Northville, Michigan


Hey Pat, Log on to the Ford Truck web site and go the F-250 Forum. That's the bible for your truck. I probably have more info for you but first things first. I would change the transmission fluid every 30,000 miles. Some say every year, but you could rack up lots of miles in a year. Also, doesn't your truck have a spin on transmission filter? If it doesn't, add one, it makes it easier to drain and refill trans fluid your self. (I like to save money). Transmissions are VERY costly to fix and or replace. Don't get lulled into disregarding it.   Check out this site www.ford-trucks.com   ~ Bob, Texas


Cindy, You make some great points in your article about Wal-Mart.

The self-proclaimed moralists and those who rag on Wal-Mart miss two big issues: If people didn't like the store they wouldn't shop there (but they gladly do by the million), and if employees didn't want to work there, they wouldn't (but they do and for the most part like it). People have choices and they make them.

You don't want to shop or work there? Perfect. Don't. But don't force the rest of us back to your shee-shee specialty stores or expensive, paralytic unionized chains (we've seen what unions did to GM).

M. Mitchell ~ Vancouver


Pat & Cindy,  I have no idea who either of you are (yet) but I drove by you today on my Harley on Poplar Ave. in Memphis. I couldn't help but notice your vehicle and trailer, and was really surprised to see such a young couple in the cab (I guess you usually see retirees in RV's). The kayaks also kind of suggested a high level of activity. Anyway, I noticed your website and made a point to remember it and send you an email. I have just glanced at your website, but it looks like you guys are living the dream! Anyway, welcome to Memphis and have a safe journey!

Steve - Germantown, TN


Hi, We are parked in the Allegro Bus in front of you at the Dancing Eagle Casino/RV park. We are from the UP of Michigan and looked up your story on the web.

Be sure to go to El Morro and the Ice caves to the west of here. Also, the Meteor Crater is interesting in AZ and has a campground with free wifi. Of course, do not miss the Painted Desert and Petrified Forest.

To save on campground fees, you should join Passport America. If you see us about in the morning, I can give you and application. You will save 1/2 the price of the regular fee. From reading your blog, KOA's are always expensive.

Anyway, Happy Camping, Marie and Bob Brooke


Hey Cindy, That is the title of a documentary from PBS' Frontline. It's been a while since I've seen it, but I think you will find it interesting, if you get a chance to see it. It deals with how Wal-Mart does business with it's suppliers.  I'm really enjoying the web site, and although I believe in, and will defend your right to have and speak your opinion, I like it better when you rip on Pat.

I will be keeping track of your adventures, Scooter - Milford, MI


HelloPlease visit www.chinalaborwatch.org and search for Wal-Mart stories. Remember that your tax dollars probably built your local Wal-Mart store. Yes. Really.  Thank you for sharing your views and experiences and for being brave enough to include your email address in your rant.
Please shop responsibly. Fair trade is not free. Becca - Michigan


I've recently discovered your blog via RV-Net. I live in Brighton, MI and have enjoyed reading  about your adventure so far. We kayaked down the Pier Marquette river 2 years ago and LOVED it! We are campers, too, with 3 kids 16, 14 (both girls) and 6 year old boy and a camping mutt (ridgeback/lab mix, 115 lbs.)

Check out
www.whatsthatbug.com for the ID to your caterpillar you ran across. Scroll down the left hand side and click on the first caterpillar link you see, it will be on that page, just keep looking.

Safe travels to you and Cindy and the dogs! One day my DH and I hope to do the same thing you are doing now. - Becky, Michigan


Hello there, we're San Diego area trailer folk who look at the RV-Net site quite often. We saw some of your posts and we've been following you along on your journey. Great stuff. If it weren't for the four hungry little mouths, we'd love to be doing the same.

I just had a question, What type of Kayaks do you have? I have been looking around for a kayak so I can go out with the wife and I love the style of yours.

Thanks!  Ed and Jennifer - San Diego, California


Wow, I just went to your trip site, and I'm very jealous of what you're doing. My wife and I love road trips and are hoping to do something similar when we're a bit older and our kids can travel... If you don't mind me asking, are you making money somehow while on the trip, or is it all funded ahead of time and just a trip until you need to make more money? Either way it sounds awesome, and we aspire to do something similar in out future. How do you find living on the road like that? I've grown up doing similar things with my parents on boats... My wife and I prefer the road to the ocean simply because the issues that come up are easier to handle and less expensive (but still not cheap).

Thanks for the inspiration! Check out my Road Trip Site if you want to see where we've been.

Thanks Ben


Hi Mr. Bonish, I read some of the stuff on your site, and just wanted to tell you how admirable that is. I've been drooling over getting one of those VW camper vans (Westfalia), get a Verizon internet account, plug the card into my laptop & go.  All the Best, Bruce


Nice to hear from you folks and thanks for the nice words in you diary. Keep in touch.   Bill Vienneaux, Wayward Wind Gallery & Studio, Wisconsin


Hi Pat & Cindy, It was nice to meet you up in Cascade Falls this past week. I am the one that is afraid of heights and you were kind enough to take our picture with the falls in the background. We happened to stay at the Cove Point Lodge, where you had your picture taken in the oversized chairs! Good luck on your journey!!!!  Craig, Minnesota


Came across your website on RVNet...in the mods section. Your website is very interesting! Thanks for sharing.  Sandy


What's up with Cindy's Blog? We need the chicks perspective too!  I Have been jonesing for a couple months now. 
Be safe! Scott, Michigan


Thanks soooooooooo much for the postcard from Canada ! Awesome. I was soooo excited.  Thanks again. The kids were thrilled. We talked about how others can help with our education!

Greatly appreciated ! 
Kathy McDermott, Lakeshore Elem. School, North Carolina


Hey guys, Don and Denise Wessel here.

Happy Anniversary! What a coincidence, we will be celebrating our 20th anniversary on the 26th! I just read about your night of storms. Holy cow, that's the kind of stuff that ages you!

Anyway, no big fancy email this time, I just wanted to say congrats, and to have a great time on the second leg of your lifestyle. I do have a request though. Could you post some pictures of how you have organized all the stuff that you have to carry along? I was wondering how the inside of your truck and trailer looked all loaded up. It sounds like you have a bunch of stuff to pack away, what with the bikes, kayaks, motorcycle, not to mention all the normal things for fulltiming.  Have fun! We will be following along with you.

Don and Denise Wessel, Arizona


I enjoy reading your story’s and travels. I am a single dad and I take 6 weeks off each summer to travel. We travel in a 16ft travel trailer. This summer we went west to Montana and saw some interesting places.  This next summer it will be to the East coast.  I would like to create a website as I believe I have a lot to offer to single parents.  Any suggestions on how to start a web page would be appreciated.

Thanks Kevin Tierney


Hi Pat & Cindy, thought I'd drop you a line to tell you how much the wife & I enjoy your articles. So well written & interesting.

Not sure if you remember me but we met a couple of times when I stopped up at the "Dog" to see Roger.  We've been to many of the same places that you write about with the only difference ours were driven on 4 wheels all the way. Never brought along a two wheeler. Wished we had on many occasions, like Sedona Arizona, Colorado in which I lived for three years, and too many more to mention. 

Although we did rent a 40' diesel pusher in which we spent more time with break downs and less time on the road but met so many great people, we would do it again in a minute. We did make it as far as Glacier Park in Montana to enjoy the 4th of July & the fire works, but our hope was to make it to the Pacific to enjoy them in Oregon. We planned on taking 3-4 weeks or whatever it took.

Anyway wanted to let you know how much we do enjoy your writings and look forward to your next article and pix.   That's it for now & keep having fun and be safe.

Rich Brown, Michigan


Pat and Cindy:  The picture on your site is great and it is up on our bulletin board. We get MANY emails and calls for replacement laces describing stories of little puppies who chew laces up.

Thank you for supporting Keen. Best Regards,

Keen Footwear



Well I finally found about an hour (which only touched the tip of the iceberg) and checked our your site. You two are having too much fun and isn't that what life is all about. I can tell that both of you are very intelligent (I hardly know Pat) other than saying hello to him once while visiting the Red Dog Saloon. You've put in a lot of info, great pictures and VERY well written. I will forward it on to a few of my RV friends and I'm sure they will learn a lot more about your adventures. Be safe and take care. God Bless you both.

Judy Demko, Michigan


Pat and Cindy,

Just caught up on your blogs. Very insightful.  If you are able to arrange a factory visit while in Flagstaff at
Southwest Windpower, you will not be disappointed.

The observatory is a must-see. The early wood enclosure and brass telescope has been preserved. The current digital technology is fascinating. And the photos on display are awesome.

There is also a ranch south of Flag that provides horseback guided tours of Coconino. They take you to the mesa and through cliff dwellings. If you do this, be prepared for an all day ride which leaves you sore and satisfied.

Have fun!  Mike Gray, Milford, MI


I'll keep tabs on your trek from time to time. We've traveled extensively throughout the west, but not recently. I anticipate beginning to head west again in '09. Perhaps our paths will cross sometime. Meanwhile, I'll travel vicariously through your adventures.

Rick, Millersville, PA


Hi Pat & Cindy, Looks like you guys are having a blast ! Steve & I just got back from a week in Los Angeles visiting our son. Hated the concrete jungle, loved the weather, and we did some hiking in Angeles National Forest. If you get to that area and like to hike, it's awesome.   Pam


Pat & Cindy, Sounds like the road trip went pretty good to Texas! I have been all around that area, but never thru that town. Yep....ya should have listened to your wife about the tire. loool Great to hear you put your triangles out and pulled off the road a bit. I get pretty ticked off when people do not pull into the left lane for a broke down motorist. Especially when I get over and what do ya know....an impatient driver passes me on the right!!

Yep....there is lots of cotton in Texas. My grandma used to pick cotton south of Dallas. My one uncle was actually born in a house where she was picking it. lol

I tell ya, with work not being so good this year and listening to y'all out west....I am soooo ready to move out there in the SW. I have thought about it for a long time....Phoenix area, Vegas or back to Texas.  Keep the shiny side up and take er' easy!!

Troy  btw...yesss....No Lot Lizards is referring to No Prostitutes.


Hey Cindy and Pat,  Looks like you had a great time at the races, and you probably got the heck out of Texas just in time to avoid the ice storms. Sucks about the blowout, but congratulations on keeping your good outlook even while changing the flat.

Pat - A manicure?

Cindy - Funny but, in YOUR blog, you didn’t mention the butt pinching…

Both of you – Your fantasy about the ghost towns sounds like either the beginnings of a commune, or a B-movie horror classic. Better yet, do you remember the X-Files episode about the mother who was kept under the bed?

Don Wessel, Phoenix Arizona


Pat, I think what you and your wife are doing is both courageous and probably inspiring to thousands of people out there who will visit your website and realize that having personal freedom is basically just a personal decision that once made, is one on which you will never wish to go back.

I fulltime also and keep enough food and supplies in this thing to last 6 months in the wilderness if need be, and enough cash stashed away to live worry free for a year, and it's amazing how liberating it is not to have to be beholding to anyone for your survival.

The way we are living, I suppose, is almost anti-ethical to the American model we have been programmed to follow, and websites like www.everymilesamemory.com are bound to encourage a few fence sitters to make the leap themselves into a world where you decide how life is going to be and then live it that way.

Talk to you later!  Ron  www.desert-photography.com


Hi Pat & Cindy, I have enjoyed following your trips for about a year now. How wonderful you guys must feel every morning in a new place.

If and when you get to California, I have a few places you must see and enjoy on your kayaks, Channel Islands National Park. Not all of L.A. is concrete, northwest of the city is Ventura County and it is our own little paradise. I have made it to about 35 states at one time or  another, but not all in one trip like yours.  I will continue to follow your trip and story online. Thank you for the entertainment, its fun to read. My wife and I are raising our nephew who is 7 yrs old and we just got back in to camping. We just bought a 2008 Wilderness 280 and we love it. Camping with all the frills is the only way to go.
Thank you for allowing us watch and read your story.

Mark, Judi and Spyder
Newbury Park, CA.


Keep thinking about you guys and following your travels but I'm terrible at writing. Your names came up lots over Christmas and everyone mentioned how much they missed you both! Your blogs and pictures just keep getting better and better! Have a happy and safe 2008 and enjoy every minute. As if you aren't!

Sandy & Bob Walker, Highland MI


Hey Pat and Cindy, Happy New year and have a great 2008

Merrill Mudd. Highland, MI


Heres a website to get you excited about Alaska. They offer a free guide but I am not sure where they could send it to you guys. But Lots of good info. I think I found this site before my last trip to Alaska. www.northtoalaska.com

Take care, Julie, Michigan


Hello Pat & Cindy, Been following your trek for sometime now and reliving a few old personal memories from a 1970 five month bike hike ala Easy Rider.  The demands of living on the open road are mostly behind me although Judy and I still "hook up" for a pull down the trail every now and again, sans the motor bikes. I do envy your adventure, but not the daily challenges of living with what can be packed on the machine. But then I didn't have to worry about power, PC's, cell phones, black water or a hard shell. Lucky me!

I'd like your opinion on a Sunline unit. I want to replace my Yukon, and after reading your comments have been looking at used Sunline's, specifically the 2363 and or 2499.

We typically pull south to FL for a 3-4 week mid winter break. Otherwise we use local State and National parks in the NE. Our 20' Yukon pulls like a dream but the jack bed is a nightmare. We also have a 32' HR that's a bear to pull and mostly stays parked (our seasonal unit). I do like the 2499 layout. My only concern is towing stability (TV's a 2500 Suburban). The 20' Yukon never sways with the dual cam hitch. The HR always dances in a light breeze.

Since you have had more experience that most of us will ever see, your opinion is worth its weight in gold. And when you make your next eastern journey give us a shout. You've got a friend in PA.

George & Judy Hauck   
Enola, PA


Hello Pat and Cindy,

I just wanted to wish you a Happy New Year and tell you how much I enjoy your website. I have been following your site since almost the beginning. I love the photos. I hope to someday get to see all those wonderful places too.

Safe travels, Tammy Mahoney


Hey Pat,  I began camping a few years ago in a popup. You are probably way more experienced than me now going full-time. If you ever come back to the east coast (I am in NC), I'll list some of my favorite campgrounds. Here is another site I am part of.

A lot of users have upgraded from pup to Travel Trailers, so it is still useful if you are ever in the south. http://www.sepuc.com/forum/default.asp

On this same site they talk about Mayberry campground. Mayberry is home of Andy Griffith. It was based in Mt. Airy, NC. I live about 30 minutes from there. Anyway, there is a new campground being formed. Here is a link on it. I have not been, but I bet in a year or two it will be nice. http://www.sepuc.com/forum/topic.asp?TOPIC_ID=4350

I see that you went to Ocean Lakes in Myrtle Beach, but I like Lakewood best. It is expensive in the summer though, but we just love it. I am going twice this summer. One of my most favorite places to camp is Oconee Point in South Carolina. It is an Army Corp of Engineer park near Clemson, SC. There are several campgrounds there, but Oconee Point (not Oconee State Park) is my favorite. Only has water/electric sites and a dump station, but it is only like $20/night too right on the lake. Just pure beauty.

Another Army COE park is located about 45 minutes from me in Wilkesboro, NC called Bandits Roost. Same price, but sites are not as good as Oconee, but is still nice.

If nothing else I can tell you that the Army Corp parks are cheap and just beautiful. Maybe you can look into them on your travels, although most book up on the weekends, but most also have probably 30% or so of sites on first come basis too.

One last thing I wanted to ask you. You are using broadband from your cell phone to access the internet on the road? I read where it was a contract with your business you are waiting out, but what I want to know is do you ever go somewhere that it doesn't work? I would like to get broadband myself, but worried about it not working in some places. Although my wife likes camping she is hooked on technology and would be more willing to travel if we have internet access in places.

Thanks for your time.  Happy New Year to you guys.

Larry Lambert, North Carolina


Pat, I just read on Cindy’s blog that you guys are in Scottsdale... You HAVE to go here; www.papagobrewing.com

It is in one of those nasty strip malls, so try to not judge the book by the cover, but once inside, I know it is right up your alley.  You can be just as much at home whether you are a hippy who drove up in your VW bug to the yuppie who rode in on your $1500 bike and your still wearing your bike shorts inside, to the intellectual in the corner playing Trivial Pursuit... but all who enter have one thing in common; they like good beer. 

Enjoy... Mike - Avondale, Arizona


Hey, just found your website, looks like a very interesting time. We also have been to Bonnaroo, 06 & 07. Look like we will be attending this year also. If you are ever in the north west (Washington) part of New Jersey give us a call……

Here are some of our pictures:


Good Luck... Gene Martel, New Jersey


I don't know where you're at right now, but if you're still near the New Mexico/Texas border, you MUST go to the Guadalupe Mountains National Park.  I worked there as a ranger out of college and it is one of the most least visited National Parks in the nation. All kinds of Apache Indian/Cowboy/Pony Express history, AMAZING mountains, crazy cool trails and there will be no one around, I guarantee it.  It's border line magical; at least google it!! Later, Brett - Dirt Bag Designs


Hey Pat & Cindy, Happy New Year, hope every thing is good. I just wanted to say hello! I enjoy your website & emails, and wanted you to check out a bud's website about his trip to Alaska on his motorcycle! The web site is www.daledres.com Good Luck & Wish you both the very best New Year.
Your friend, Joe Sulliman - Michigan


I am a friend of Bryan Champagne, of Champagnes Swamp Tours in Louisiana. Since your visit with Bryan last spring, he told me all about you two, and I have been visiting your website ever since then.  I just had to say how much I enjoy "following" ya'll around the country. You guys are living out my dream, and maybe if I'm lucky, one day I'll be able to do the same.

Take care and have fun! Lynne, Whitehouse Texas


Seen one of your posts on RV.net and I just wanted to say Hi.. and tell you how much I LOVE reading your web page and your journal..... I have been following your page now for quite sometime... I love all the crazy things that you and Cindy do.. Some of the places you take that camper and truck amaze me..LOL

I follow another couples page also.. And I will tell my husband about some of the travels you guys do.. He will say.. "Now is this the crazy couple that you are talking about or the other couple?"....LOL I love your adventuress spirits...I love your pictures... If every thing goes as planed my husband and I are planning on full timing in the next 3 years... (or maybe sooner)  Full Time Wanna Be


Hi, this is Joe from Tucson Wal-Mart.

I see you introduced the girls to 4-wheel driving. LOL. :-) Chuckle, chuckle. Don't worry that's about what to expect from women the first time they go "real " 4-wheeling. They'll get better with time.

The Wilson antenna system is the greatest. I was not aware they had the
duel band repeater. It is worth the money.

Starting in mid April Parker Arizona along the Colorado river is a good place to be. There is a free BLM camp location on the river, and lots of water craft activity. I generally camp on BLM land out in the desert in the area. The crowd from Southern California spend their weekends there on the river. And of course there are several nice "watering holes" (bars) along the river.

I am still in Tucson working on airplanes.    Sincerely, Joe McDonough


Hi Pat and Cindy! I was introduced to your site from a post on the hybridexplorer.com site. How lucky you are to be able to do this! I live in Missouri and our family goes camping quite alot. One place we visited last summer that you might find interesting is the boyhood home and museum of Walt Disney in Marceline, MO.

I'm not sure how many people realize that he lived here and that Main Street USA at the Disney parks was modeled after Main Street in Marceline. We enjoyed this camping trip and I thought you might like it also. There is a really nice state park near there called Pershing SP. You can check it out at mostateparks.com

Happy travels,  Brooke Dettmer


Hey love your web site and thanks for the help on the Canon web site, only now I have dirt some where in the camera, ah bugging me a lot.

With the lens off I see it though the view finder. What does one do, yes I am asking you guys, you both seem so down to earth. Besides being alone on the road I am sure you have had to clean your cameras.

Next thought. I want to run a feature article on you guys, it would run in an AG related publication in the northeast

Later and thanks.  You know I wanted to do this when I was younger, well I did it lasted only 8 months…  Ron Shawley, Pennsylvania


Nice pic of the red motorcycle with the hot chick.  Also, thanks for picking up other people’s trash. I feel guilty sometimes that Denise and I don’t do this more often, and not just when we go camping.

Chow for now, Don Wessel, Arizona


Hi I am Leslie and I live in Capac, Michigan. If you were to buy a trailer today (now that Sunline is no more) what would your chooses be. Thanks


Hi, the happy hour wasn't very happy tonight. My favorite friends weren't here. You have only been gone for hours and what a vacuum. You two are a great couple. You leave a great impact on people where ever you go. I hope you found a great place tonight and will find better places in the days ahead.

I am looking forward to crossing paths again.  The King and I, Mesa Arizona


Hello, I saw your answers to questions on one of the websites (RV talk maybe?) and a link to your website. Appears you’re the “go to” experts for solar as you have been living it for awhile now.

Thanks in advance for any information. I have researched and researched and called various suppliers but of course they all want to sell me what they are carrying. I figure I could get an unbiased opinion from someone that’s probably tried many different setups and is currently “off the grid” right now.

I appreciate it!  Mike Buckingham


Hello Cindy, I read, with interest, your blog. Your tale of the back roading was funny, but I do believe some what in error. The part where you indicate your daughter was afraid and you and her walked, is very hard to believe. I have seen that young lady drive thirty tons up and down hills, with no shocks. See enclosed picture. All kidding a side. Having met your daughter and worked with her, I think she is a terrific young lady and you can be very proud of her. You and Pat did good!

The picture is when she rolled the rock truck at the Highland gravel pit. Maybe they didn't tell you of this! oh oh?

Say hello to Pat for us.  Merrill Mudd, Highland Michigan


Hello Pat & CindyFirst off, I want to thank you for hours of enjoyment reading through your website, I just discovered it last week.  Like many, I too envy you.  My wife, 2 kids and I only spent 52 nights in our 21 foot TT last year and had a blast.  30 days of it was in one trip out east, we didn't quite cross paths.

I am sure you have a couple thousand people tell you where to go by now, but you never know.  If you are heading to Vegas and need to get out of the steel & concrete canyons check out this place only 17 miles from the strip, but its a pretty wild/massive chunk of weird looking rock.  You National Park pass is accepted and it has $10 camping and biking.

Red Rock Canyon National Conservation Area

Red Rock Canyon Interpretive Association

Also 55 miles east is the Valley of Fire

If you end up coming through San Diego and need a drive way to park on (free but not scenic) just let me know, I am always looking to help out fellow RVers.

Enjoy Baja, you got more balls then I, but like you say there is safety in numbers, especially if some speak Spanish, that will make all the difference.


www.bettenga.com -   Last year we camped at Dead Horse also, I have some images at this address

Its 4:00 Happy Hour somewhere ........


Hey man I seen your rig on the site, I also checked out your website, very cool pics, the best was the Arkansas Class C/5'r RV. Man I admire both of you for what you are doing....let me know if you come through Oklahoma, I am in Tulsa, I can prob meet you peeps, take care and keep that PSD rollin'. Joe


Hi Pat, Thank you sooooo much for the compliments in your email.

I am NOT in Baja California on this trip. I am in Mainland Mexico, and right now I'm in the City of Guadalajara, Jalisco. I received lots of warnings from readers about crime here in Mainland Mexico. So far, I've seen nothing at all.

From 2003 into 2007, I did go down to Baja California every winter and part of the spring time. I never had any problems with criminal activity [if that is what you are concerned about].

Pat, there is risk in everything that we do. I try to reduce any risk in Mexico, by making my Camps inside cities and towns instead of boondocking. Works for me! I also initiate contacts with residents in places where I make my Camp. Not only is that enjoyable, but I receive local info from such contacts.

George The Adventures of Tioga and George


Just got the word that Vegas closed down for a couple days to restock the bars.  Anything to do with the Bonish and Smigiel group being in town?  Can't wait to hear about Mexico.  Weather sounds even better.

Sandy Walker - Highland, Michigan


Hey There!  I had no idea you guys were doing this. My friend, Ken, who talked your ears off the other night in Vegas, told me about your trip and website.

What you are doing is great. If you want to make a stop in Denver or the mountains of Colorado, give us a call. Just introduce yourselves as the Vegas Dancers :)

I was asked a couple times why I asked you down to our table. Well, I'm not sure why. I knew we had plenty of Vodka and I certainly didn't need anymore. You looked like you could use a boost. I hope it worked. Cindy certainly is a good dancer. I hope you had fun and I wish you luck on your journey.

Take Care!  Stacey


Good morning! I came across your website today and sat and read it. I love it and it was very informative. We have a Sunline Travel Trailer as well and we love it. In reading your website, I read that you have met my brother, Carl Kern. When Sunline closed down, he left for Chalet RV which is in Oregon. I sure do miss him, but hope to catch up camping with him sometime, someday.

There is nothing like sitting around a campfire! I am in PA, so right now it is a little cold to be doing that! Spring is just around the corner though.

Happy camping and God bless.  Linda Breitenstein, Pennsylvania


Hi Pat,  I just wanted to take a moment to thank you for the wonderful review you posted on my Amazon page. I truly appreciate your support. Thank you for taking the time to do so.  I also enjoyed going through your website and exploring the wonderful, exciting life you and your wife are leading. Fantastic!

Please check out my website, too. There's stuff about the book, me and some older oil paintings to look at. God bless you both.  Warm regards, Joe Borri


Pat, one of the coolest things about RV traveling is that you can change your mind in a minute and go somewhere else (kind of like sailing) I just saw that story and just had to be that annoying friend that reminds you of the dangers. But remember, I like to sail alone so I really shouldn't be offering advice about heeding warnings, but it is best to be prepared.

My concern was that you would attract attention; with your truck, RV, all the gear on the outside, not to mention the gear on the inside, "Oh look, rich Americans." And honestly, I'm not concerned with what you could replace with insurance, although being robbed wouldn't be pleasant. It's your well being that's important.

In the end it boils down to risk & reward, and that is a very personal question. Personally, I have no desire to visit any part of Mexico, there are hundreds of places that hold much more appeal.

I know you will make a good decision no matter what, just be safe. It's really sappy to say, but you are two of my favorite people, truly wonderful people and I don't want anything to ruin your awesome adventure!
Talk to you soon, Audrey, Michigan


Hello,  I wanted to thank you so much for those wonderful pictures.  They are great and so is your website.  I really liked all the pictures and blogs.

Thanks again, Donna & Chris Binnard, Quartzsite AZ


Just a note to let you know that I have been following your adventures and have been suffering from mass jealously. I too was in Vegas this past weekend for the Shot Show and wished I could have stopped by and asked a few questions about full timing. Hell, I would have provided the beer. Anyway, thanks for posting all the information for those of us who are still dreaming.

Richard Young
5 Time Cowboy Action Shooting World Champion
Host - Cowboys - Only on The Outdoor Channel


Hey Pat, There are a lot of things around here in Vegas. Lake Las Vegas at night is good if you want to do long exposures or HDR. Of course the strip.  Redrock Canyon is a must. Also go to Calico Canyon which is the first canyon (and road) east of Redrock.

The Springs Preserve should be interesting to photograph. I haven't been there since it opened but I worked on the construction. Don't miss Valley of Fire. There are two nice dry campgrounds there and they are only about $7 a night. About an hour from Vegas.  Death Valley is only 2 hours away.

Dumont Sand Dunes is about 2 1/2 hours. Although this is the busy season up there. Even during the week there will be a lot of motorcycles/quads etc.

Mt. Charleston has a lot of snow right know.  Give me a call when you get in if you would like to get together.

Eric - My Website


I was reading your site and you guys rock!! Summer after next I'm taking my (will then be 16yr old) son on a 2-3 week stretch. From Louisiana to Cali and circle back through the middle states.  Flipstyle - New Orleans


Pat & Cindy,  I happened upon your site via POTN (Canon). You are living many a folks dream, as far as I can tell. I love your attitudes towards life in general. Myself, the more “seasonal use” roads I can find, the better. Particularly when I have the camera bag in tow. I’ve come to the realization that “Someday Never Comes”. (CCR) Do it today ! If you ever get over to New York (yes there is a NY other than NYC), there are some amazing places to visit/camp/photograph. May you enjoy every mile………..

Chris (POTN – Gov. Mule)

PS – Pat, you’re one lucky man. Does Cindy have a sister with the same spirit, and lots of 'L' lenses ?


Hi, just seen your pics of you guys in the hot springs, Where in NM is that?  My wife and I were in Albuquerque and looked for spots just like this.. We only made it to a place called Tee Pee Rocks..lol  Thanks, Nick, San Diego


Hi!  I've been following your travels for several months, and I have to say you two seem to be having an incredible time.  When I retire from teaching in 8 years I hope to do the same, probably in a fifth wheel.

Anyway, I thought I'd pass on another full-timer's blog that might help you with preparations for Mexico.  You might already know about him, but "Tioga George" seems to be having a marvelously "bad things" journey.  I can't imagine doing what he's doing, but I guess it goes to show you that becoming one with the culture has many advantages.  Here's the link to his site:

Hope it helps!  I'm looking forward to reading about your adventures south of the border!  Laura Maydahl


FYI, people here are raving about Cindy's recipe for Kraut and Basa soup, easy and good!  I thought you would like to know, ALL the girls where I work go to your site a lot.  They all want to travel and have fun but are stuck in an
office, they envy you.  Have Fun, safe travels - Tony Katopodis, Michigan


Hello,  I was surfing the net and found some pictures you did of the Red Bull Last Man Standing; great pictures!!

I hope you don’t mind if I ask you a couple of questions, I was a beginner photographer and I used a Panasonic fz30 camera (I have out grown this camera), I want to buy a new one. I live in Canada and take dirt bike photos here, I was looking into the Canon 40d or the Nikon d300 cameras next. 

I would like to get into professional photography. Any recommendations on cameras? Brands? I see you used a Canon 1D, not sure of the cost? Also I was wondering which program do you use to write your name on the photos so people can’t copy it.

Thanks for your help,  Angela, Canada


Pat and Cindy,  Great write-up of the Vulture Mine, and great pics! I'm sure that Denise and I will make it up there sometime, since I really like that kind of stuff as well.

Well, I went and spent the day Saturday picking up other people's trash in the desert. It just amazes me that someone could take in all the beautiful scenery out there, then just drive away leaving all their bottles, cans, VCRs, computers, etc. I was at one spot for an hour and a half raking shotgun shells into a pile and scooping them up with a giant dustpan. I picked up hundreds and hundreds of them! And anything that is portable can be found out there all shot to hell. There were VCRs, computers, TVs, couches, burned out cars, and more plastic bottles and aluminum cans than I have ever seen in my life. I made a promise to myself to always carry trash bags, and spend at least a little while picking up trash whenever we go out riding or camping.

When I left the cleanup at about 3:30, I decided to swing by the Pebble Beach camping area to see if you guys showed up. Obviously, you weren't there yet. Then I saw a man walking back from the dumpsters and had a feeling it was Gene, so I introduced myself as friends of Pat and Cindy. Well, we became good buddies in short time talking about woodturning and life in general. Darrel had left the area earlier in the week, so I didn't get to see him. I sat talking with Gene for about an hour, then remembered that I needed to get on home. I also met Tom, the Forest Service volunteer. I told them that my wife and I might come back out and camp sometime soon, and at the very least, hang out with them and you guys. Over all, I had a very good day!

You two take care out there, and keep having fun!

Don Wessel, Phoenix Arizona


Hope you guys are having a safe & fun filled trip to Mexico.   Don’t drink the water, drink Dos Equis!  Here’s a sign I ran into on my weekend wandering with the camera.  Probably won’t see any of these in Mexico.  This is in Highland Forest, a half hour south of Syracuse, NY.

Cheers!  Chris


Pat & Cindy, I just wanted to say thank you for reminding me of how much I enjoy working for the forest service, primarily for meeting very nice and warm friends like you and Cindy have become.

Its like we have known you all of our life. I don't like goodbyes but I do like "Until we see each other again."  So there comes a time we have to part, but as long as it is only a short time, then so be it.  Just remember you are always missed because you have made an impression not only in our lives but with  everyone you meet.

Take care and be safe, we'll see you again.

Jim with his two sons Justin and Jared - Camp Ground Host at Salt River, Arizona


Ha!  34, and I had you pegged for at least 64 and granny with too much arthritis to handle the off road bumps!!

You inspired me to delve further into your website and Wow! you guys are doing some cool stuff.  Doing it right in my humble opinion.  In fact we have lots in common:  I turn 34 in April and my wife Amy is just a few years older at 37.  In 2000 we sold almost everything we had and bought a 36' sailboat that we lived on for four years.  Two years at dockside in Florida and two years traveling the Caribbean including 10 months living on the island of St. Croix.  After selling the boat and returning to the states we discovered the wonders of overland travel.  I think the four of us are definitely of the same mindset and inspiration!

I look forward to getting to know you guys better. 

Brian McVickers - Overland Journal Magazine


Pat, I see where you are coming over to San Diego/Santee this weekend. We have just finished the second of 3 storm systems to come into the area. The last one is supposed to come into the area late on Saturday and go into Sunday.

Coming over I-8 once you get up the hill you most likely will hit some heavy wind (50 to 80 MPH) about Jacumba that will stay with you until you get heading down the hill after Pine Valley. They do have times where they close the Interstate to high profile vehicles. If you could get up over the mountains before Saturday evening you might have an easier trip.

The other way is just after Plaster City to grab S2 and head north. If you elect to go that way do not go up Banner Grade because it real steep and windy. Keep heading north like you are going to Lake Henshaw and then follow the route to Ramona and then down into Santee.

Hoping to maybe knock on your door Sunday and say hello. Ed


Pat & Cindy,  If you need a campground near the Awning place, here are a couple choices that are about 2-4 miles from where you need to be in Santee

www.mtrp.org/campground.asp  - no hookups, cheap $14

www.santeelakes.com/campinghome.htm  - has everything ~$35

Thank you,  Jeff Bettenga 


Hello, we just got home from the Wavehouse and the boys are so tired. It was nice meeting you and I wish you the best on your journey. The boys are excited about the pictures. Thank you so much. Best wishes Barbara - San Diego


Hello Pat, Hope all's well with you guys, especially after hearing the weather reports for rain, snow and wind forecast for the westerly coast. On the brighter side, you can always hang out somewhere for a couple days, play or drink gin, and do other stuff like drive each other crazy.

Anyway, just wanted to say thanks for the info, and also for the blog. Just remind your sponsors that your blog has led us to Sunline and other sites of interest. We're watching and reading as your events unfold.

Be well, be safe.  George & Judy Hauck


Hi Pat and Cindy,  I was sitting next to you at the Wavehouse yesterday and we shared some brief conversation. I'm sorry I never properly introduced myself to either of you, my name is Karin Wehsener.  You took some great pictures of my kids and my nephews. Before logging onto your website I had told a few people I've run into about what you are both doing.

Sold everything and packed up to travel around for 5 years. Everyone thinks its the coolest thing. I think most people think or dream about embarking on an adventure like yours but don't actually make it happen. Congratulations on being doers.

I love your website and I'll continue to check back to see where your next memories lie. I'm sorry San Diego hasn't offered you better weather. There is so much to see here. Let us know when you come back through and perhaps we could meet at the beach for a drink or I could recommend some sights to see.

Nice to have chatted with you.  Thanks - Karin Wehsener - San Diego


Hey Pat, hope you and Cindy are doing well.  This is Kevin (# 6, Cindy will know what I mean),  I met you guys at the Wavehouse where you took pictures of my little boys (Right) on the boogie boards. We are all back home in Orlando to find cold weather today and 30's tonight, just can't seem to get a break. Work calls, talk to you soon. This is what Deke and I do for fun....


Sweet that your making it to Baja man, that whole place is near and dear to my heart.  Make sure you have a full set of spare tires with rims, check your cell phone coverage, buy all your plastic beach shit in the USA before you cross, and bring a couple solid 2x8 planks for when you get stuck in the sand.

Oh yeah, and watch out for the Federales at the checkpoints, they'll rip you off (but not everytime) so watch them while they inspect your rig, don't just stand off to the side and wait for them to finish, they hate dogs too, so that will help you get through the checkpoints quicker.

And make as many pot brownies as you can ahead of time:)  - Brett - MI


Wow it sounds like you two are having a great trip. I have kept up with all your stories while in Baja. A little sand trick if you get stuck again is to put water in the tire track and let it firm up a little and then drive out.  Take Care - Darrel


Hey Pat! It was nice to finally meet you last week and I'm glad I was able to help out a bit.  Have a great time in Mexico and be safe!  Mike - San Diego, CA


You guys are just having too much fun! It's almost too tough to read your blogs every night knowing I have to go to W O R K the next day.

Stay Safe, Don - Arizona


Hi Pat and Cindy,  Love the web site!  Got back to Napa yesterday.  Had a great time talking to you and your friends at Ana's Bar in Playa Santispac.  If you make it to Northern CA, your more than welcome to stay in our field.  Hope you have a wonderful adventure in Baja. ",oh ya" stop having so much fun and up date your blog:)

Joe and Sally Miller - Napa California


Hey guys!  Mexico sounds great!!  Cindy, your pic with the Mexico sign is very cute (you look skinny, bit--) Keep safe, miss ya, Love ya, bye - Sandy, Michigan


Hi Pat,  Thank you so much for the support, it means a lot. When you come through Arizona, it would be a pleasure to meet you both in person. Sounds great! I know Friday was an emotional day for you both, but I think it's impressive that you found the time and took the effort to share your blogs with everyone. Powerful stuff, and I enjoyed reading them.

Keep on living your dream!  Chris - Editor -
Overland Journal Magazine


Pat, I'm the bearded park ranger who spoke to you when you stayed at Riverside Park Campground, Scottville, Michigan during the summer when you were headed south.

I've followed you via your web site, with envy, since meeting you. Since then I've acquired our new truck (2008 Chevy Silverado 4X4 diesel 2500HD in Silver Birch) and our travel trailer (used 2007 Airstream Limited Classic 31'). Oh, how I'd like to be doing what you're doing. But, in our case, family ties have limited us.

Main Subject : You speak of using your portable propane heater inside the camper. Please add a warning to your readers that they should never sleep while using such a non-vented heater. Too many people never wake up. Carbon Monoxide.

See you down the road,  Dale - Michigan


Pat and Cindy, Hey there you two! How have you been? It looks like you are having a ton of fun on your travels. This is Danielle from Comerica in Milford by the way. I just saw Pat's parents the other day and they were talking about your website. So I asked for the name so I could take a look. I love the site! It is cool being able to read about your travels and see all the amazing pictures that you have taken. Both of you look great and happy. Hope everything goes smoothly on this next trip in Mexico.

I think it is really great that the both of you took the time to travel and make your dream come true when you are able to enjoy everything that you want to experience. I know alot of us wish we had the guts to do what you have done. Hope to hear back from you in your travels. I will have fun reading your blogs.

Have a Great Day! Danielle


Hey, There is a guy on the web that I found that has a pretty good checklist for what to do when you are ready to leave camp. Here is the link, it may come in handy

Glad to see you can find technology down there in Mexico and update the web. I needed my fix. Thanks, Jeff - San Diego 


How many ways can you say AWESOME?  Could you ever have imagined your life would be like this?  Your blogs so often remind me of little things we have seen or done somewhere in the world.  I'm jealous!!  You can't believe what memories you are creating now.  When you are on your next life adventure, you will look back in amazement at all the things you really did or took for granted. All the things you have done and the people you have met change you forever!  The world will never be the same for you.  Keep up the good work! 

Sandy - Michigan


Just wandered on to your site when I was looking for a motorcycle carrier for the rear of a travel trailer. I was wondering how yours was working out. From the blogs it seems like a good way.

I read through your first year and it is funny how many of the same places you guys enjoyed that I have been to with my military and government travels. I was born and raised until I was 6 about 4 miles from the Red Dog in Fostoria Ohio. Joined the military after high school and was stationed in Savannah GA, and Nashville TN. Then worked for the Government and flew in Southern FL, Cedar Key, White River AR, and most recently I took a flying job and did all my training in New Iberia LA. I was actually looking for a campground around the area when I found your blog about KOC. Think that will be my new home.

I will be flying helicopters off shore 14 days on, 14 off. I want to travel light and see just how much of this country I can see 10-14 days at a time. I am planning on a trailer set up with truck and motorcycle for the day trips. Fly fishing, learning to kayak and just enjoying the travels. It will be just me initially so I am even considering a smaller trailer. Do you think a small slide is worth the extra problems it may encounter?

I have learned a lot from your posts and look forward to reading more. I will let you go and enjoy the freedoms I am looking forward to. Maybe we will cross trails at some point.

Timothy P. Knueven
FAA Commercial Helicopter Pilot
FAA Air frame and Powerplant Mechanic/ Inspector


That is so awsome!!! I envy you two, But I am glad you are having the time of your life. You are Blessed!  Thanks for sharing your good times with us.

Luv Ya!  Gene Bellomy - Colorado


Got a forward from a friend of mine....Jim Ryan, from Moab....Roadrunner Transport.....he sent me your pictures of the Rays in Baja.  I followed the link to your site and all I can say is WOW! Take me with you for a few weeks.

I have been in more than half the states, and camped in more than a few, but your trip kicks ass! I am 50 now and still spend at least one or two weeks in a sleeping bag every year.  I had a pop-up, but now its mostly on the bike with a tent or in the back of my truck.......Good to see you are living and not just alive, have fun - Billy



Hey Cindy, Hope your having fun in Baja! I am so envious and wish I were somewhere, anywhere! I hope you both write a book when you are finished. What a great experience.  Tell Pat I said hi and have fun for us!

Love Sue Palombo
Owner / Office Manager
Dave's Last Resort - Igot's Martiki Bar


Cindy has mentioned a couple of times how much she loves the new Weber Grill. Which one do you have and what makes it special. I am looking at replacing my $29 portable gas grill with the Weber but depending on whether I get the 100 series or the 200 series, I am looking at $100 more or $200 more.

Thanks and I really look forward to both of your blogs.

Van (Hueytown, Alabama)


Hi, my name is Lydia, and I was just checking out your blogs. Thanks for the info...I wrote down several of your Arkansas camp recommendations. I thought I would add a couple of campgrounds that are our favorites here in FL & GA.

My husband and I live in St. Augustine FL. I was born and raised in Jacksonville, FL -- Barry was born in St. Pete and was in a military family who moved all around and finally settled in Miami when he was in grade school. We love to camp, and just bought a new Fun Finder about a month ago. We're "nesting" and ready for our first trip next week to Gamble Rogers SP. From the sound of your reviews we like similar things relating to campsites....i.e., cleanliness, shade, dog-friendly folks, day-trip possibilities, etc. So, with that in mind, here are a few you might want to check out next time you're in the area....

Fort Desoto Campground - near St. Pete-very dog friendly and even has a dog beach and is just a great place!! A great feature of their website is there's a photo of each campsite so you can check out the "shade factor" ...most every site is on the water and has a breeze although I'm sure it could get quite hot in the summer months. Close to good restaurants and lots of things to see. We went to one of the biggest state RV Shows which was in Tampa 45 minutes away last year.

Gamble Rogers SP - south of St. Augustine - small SP located right on the ocean....no shade, but beautiful, clean place - with the ocean to put you to sleep...not bad, oceanfront for $23/night!

North Beach Camp Resort - this campground is located 3 blocks from our home in Vilano Beach. It's actually on an island where one end of the campground is on the river and the other is on the ocean!! Nothing wrong with a sunset and a sunrise over the water! Very clean place with friendly people only 5 minutes north of the historic district of St. Augustine.

Bahia Honda SP - Now this place is the best!!! Located in the lower Keys, it's hard to get a spot (definitely make reservations), but well worth the wait. 30 minutes or so from Key West and most campsites are right on the water. We love to camp here in the fall (but so does everyone else!!) Very clean--good fishing too.

Black Rock Mountain SP - Clayton, GA - besides Bahia Honda, this is our other favorite spot. It's 2 miles up on this beautiful treed mountain. The entrance road is winding and a little scary, but the sites are level and beautiful. Each spot is very shaded and within reach of clean bathrooms w/hot water (which is high on my list or priorities). Also BRMSP is in good proximity for day-trippin'....close to Atlanta yet right on the North Carolina border so you can be many places in just a few hours.

Stone Mountain Campground, Stone Mountain, GA - Another great campground that is secluded, but close to everything. Just outside the downtown area of Atlanta with "gobs" of stuff to do. We've been there twice and wanted to stay longer both times. Everything's nice n' clean - and our shaded site was on the lake facing the "mountain"...just beautiful! We rented a little boat and took Noggin on her first fishing trip. Didn't catch anything but a nap, but we still had fun. SMC is a little more expensive than a state park, but considering we're on vacation & not paying for a hotel, we had a hard time not going out to eat every night in Atlanta! So many wonderful ethnic restaurants that we just don't have in our little town of St. Augustine--such a treat.

Anyway, here's our "best of the bunch"...good luck and thanks for your blogs--I've enjoyed reading just the camp info from the south....I've still got plenty to read from the West, North and East!! And I can't wait to see your photos! If you're ever in our neck o' the woods please look us up. Also, if you get a minute ... please google my husband....Barry Dunaway....he's a musician.

Lydia & Barry Dunaway
'08 Fun Finder 189FBS
'00 Honda Odyssey
'06 Jack Russell Terrier "Noggin


Whattup y'all?  Asunción Sounds awesome!! Alot of Baja sounds great to me. The beach is where I belong!! I wish ya' luck in getting the property. I have always known about the rule of Mexican citizens can only buy property. Good luck with that Spanish thing too!...LOL I know a few things, but listening to them talk.....ufff...they talk it sooooo fast!!!!

Take er' easy!! Be safe as always
Troy - Michigan


In reference to your blogs: (Thursday April 17th 2008 The Nightmare of Wiring Money to Mexico)

"He was also one of the locals who stopped to see if we were OK when we
were sitting in the road snapping pictures of the owl on our way into Asunción last week."

Yep- I think he was the one who woke me in the middle of a dream at 1am sleeping where the black top turns to gravel road on the way back to Turtle Bay.

I generally give about anyone a ride in Mexico that is hitch hiking.  My friend Carmen, from Mexico City area, always had a half dozen people in the back of the Toyota truck anywhere we went.

Joe McDonough - Tucson, Arizona


Just wondering if you guys made it back across the border OK. I read your latest updates and think that’s pretty cool that you are buying land down there. Now Denise and I will have a place to squat when we retire!

Don Wessel - Arizona


Hey guys!  You Rock - I don't really know how I found your site to start with, but I have you in my favorites now and check in every couple days to see what you're up to and where you are! I think I first started reading up on you the morning Pat tore your rear scissor jacks off!! Sorry to bring that up guy, just wanted you to know where I came in.......

Glad to hear you made it back to the states in one piece, to bad about the camera, that sucks!

Myself, I am a territory manager for the QTG division of PepsiCo here in IL/IN...I live in a dinky town named Marshall, pop. 3500....we are about 90 miles west of Indy in downstate Illinois. I have about 10 years to retirement, but am living in a 2006 Four Winds 34' trailer parked at a local campground. Bachelor, played the marriage game twice and lost both times, but seem to be happier by myself most of the time anyway!

Will be watching the site and checking the blogs to see what's going on.....have a great summer, take care of each other, and stay well!

Regards,  John D. Lamb


Hi,  I have been reading your blogs for about a month now. Have enjoyed them.  I read about This Product some time ago. Do not know how good it is.
Thought you might check it out.

Vernon R. Jessup Sr.
Jessup Photography LLC
Memphis TN.


Just spent the last couple days getting caught up on your blogs. You guys rock! I just got done with a couple road trips in the trailer over the last couple months and spent some time at Tybee Island Campground and shot down to Cedar Key to spend another couple days at Castaways. Dan remembers you guys and wanted to say "Hi!"

Met a really great girl while I was staying at Tybee Island and we did a road trip up the Gulf Coast of Florida and it made me think of you guys at the beginning of your journey. What a blast. 

Anyways, I wanted to say hi and let you know the whole Baja trip just looks totally awesome! Oh, and the girl I met from Savannah is a teacher so we're planning on a trip out to Lafayette this summer based on your really good review!

Travel safe,  Ron


I have just started following your adventures in Mexico..about 2-3 weeks, linked from RV.NET.  Got a lot of catching up to do.  But love what I have read so far.

I have read most of all Mexico but not the previous 2 years or so.  Good luck on your traveling adventure.  Dreaming of the day when I can travel with my TT/RV.  I still have a 13 year old daughter, 17 year old son, and a 24 year old daughter who is a graduate student at home. She is planning a wedding as I type.. March 09.. BUT I have enjoyed exploring your website and reading about your south of border adventures.

I will be reading previous blog pages as I get time from the corporate world..
good looking truck.. mine is a 2003 F-350 CC, LWB, SRW 7.3PSD with bed cap loaded with camping stuff and bikes, pulling an 2006 Cougar 301BHS.. two many kids for anything smaller..

You take care and have a great adventure. HOPE Cindy gets all the red meat she can handle these next few weeks...

Randy in North Carolina


Hi Pat and Cindy, Chuck here from Wahoo RV Center in San Jose Del Cabo , as a fellow Michigander, I would like to let you know that we have the largest stock of repair parts for RV's in Mexico and if you are still in Los Cabos and if there is anything you two need for your trailer to make your trip go smother, please let me know. If you are in San Jose just stop by and say hi.

Were in Michigan are you from? Our phone at the shop is 624-142-3792

If you need a map to our store, Click Here.  Hope to meet you some time.

Chuck Schmuck from Howell, Michigan


Hi Pat, I am a fellow Sunliner. We both have our own businesses and have been planning early retirement. We would like to travel around the country for a couple of years before we relocate to Idaho.

Where did you start gathering the information for such an undertaking. We would also like to boondock like you folks. Any information or help would be greatly appreciated - Nick Petrasso


Pat & Cindy -- I found your blog linked from the Oliver website.

I've been doing the full-time nomadic thing for a bit over two years now in a 16' Tab Clamshell. Along the way, I stumbled into my amazing life partner Cherie, and we spent seven months on the road together last year. Now we are working to get her house sold, and we are on the verge of upgrading to something a bit more spacious, like an Oliver or a Casita. Your 25' rig would be a mansion in comparison. ;-)

Anyway - I've enjoyed catching up on your blog and adventures. You can read up on us at:

Our personal blogs are radven.livejournal.com and serolynne.livejournal.com

I see that you are considering Burning Man in your future. I've been going since 1999, and last year was Cherie's first. We both consider Black Rock City "home" now, in a very real sense. For one week a year, it is the most amazing place on earth.

We’re putting together a Theme Camp for Burning Man 2008 called Camp Nomadia. It is intended to be a convergence of nomadic burners. Whether you’re a current nomad, future nomad, wanna be nomad, part time nomad, domestic nomad, international nomad, technomad, lowtechnomad, former nomad or just want to be around nomads—we are trying to gather cool folk to camp with us.


And even if not - please keep in touch. It would be wonderful to rendezvous on the road somewhere to swap stories over some good food and drink.

Cheers to you!

- Chris //


Pat and Cindy, Glad you made it to Yosemite!! What.....you didn't go for the ultimate, the Half Dome hike. We did the Yosemite Falls a few times. It always makes me wonder, that in these times, the Gov't will still let us hike trails like that. One day they will not let hikers on top of Half Dome.

Sorry you had trouble getting a campsite. It is too bad Bridal Veil CG wasn't open.

Are you off to Sequoia and Kings Canyon?

We enjoy your photos and reading of your travels.

Tom and Patty Dietrich - Fresno, CA.


Hey Pat and Cindy, I was just looking at some campers on the net and found your site, hope to have time to read everything this weekend. Can't wait until I am able to follow in your footsteps.

My wife and I have done several month long trips in our Arctic Fox travel trailer and I can relate to most of what I have read. One thing that I read that caught my eye was that you would like to carry more water than what the trailer holds. 

After boondocking several times and needing more water myself I broke down and bought a 50 gallon barrel and carry it in the truck for back up. My setup works well because I don't need a pump, I just installed a garden hose fitting. I hope you guys have a good time and are able to do this for as long as you like.

Ken and Darci Guise
P.S. I too wish we had opted for insulated windows (we now live in Texas)


MAN… I can not get over your pictures. Those pictures in Monument Valley are just out of this world. How do you get such beautiful colors in the pictures.. And do you by any chance give out any GPS locations of that spot that you were camping in.

I think that I have told you before that HOPEFULLY in 3 years my hubby and I will be full timing… I have been following your page from the very beginning. And I keep thinking that I am going to have to remember or look back on your web page to some of these locations. But I have a feeling that might be hard come three years from now.

I think that I should start keep a journal of future places that want to go camp at. I have enjoyed your blogs so much, I check everyday to see if there is any update. Happy Traveling… Hope to meet you some day on the road.



Pat and Cindy, Love your Mono Lake Images!

I especially liked the early morning shot with the snow capped mountains reflected in the water! Too bad you didn't have the ankle to do the Rock Creek lake camping/hiking/photographing. Maybe a little too much snow? Best time is around mid June. Everything is green, wet, and running.

Your ankle would have loved Hot Creek! You could have gone from a very cold soak - to hot soak (by moving 10 feet). . . just like the pros! Found this with a Google - image

Have fun in Yosemite. It's a big place!!!!!!! Hope your ankle is only sprained. (Been there also - white water rafting on the Snake - class 4 - took months to heal properly)

Employment is an ugly word! Careful. :^) We plan on hitting the road again on June 9th for about 3 weeks. Heading north to the cool country. Not sure where yet. I will know in a few days. Decisions-decisions. Maybe northern Colorado, Wyoming, Montana, or Idaho. Maybe we shall meet along the road sometime.

Fuel prices suck!!!!! (but barely reasonable in Wyoming - California is the worst - stand by for $6 diesel)

Steve Bingham - Photography


Hi Pat & Cindy!  OMG! We had such a fantastic Utah experience, loved it!
I tell all my friends about you two and most are sooo jealous.  I have 2500 pics to sort through but wanted to send this to you now.  Here is a link to The Rest of our Adventures.

Remember to hold each other lots and lots,

Love, Scooter  PS - Thanks for the cowboy coffee!


Hi Guys! I just love your site and make it a habit of checking it every day. Pat, sorry to hear about your injury and the crimp the fuel prices are nailing you guys with. I worry about the future of "fulltiming" with the soaring prices but just like everything else, we will have to cut in other areas and adapt. The question is, how far can we go?

My wife Sue and I are about five years out from hitting the road if the market improves. We will be young enough to enjoy it and hopefully have enough resources to fund it.

I don't know if I could just "stop working". We are both interested in work camping for a site and dollars. I could see working three days a week and having four off. That would make the finances work just fine. To still see the country and beyond, Maybe a month in one place then move on.

Keep up the great site and have fun!

Bob Meyer - Minnesota
PS....If you are ever out this way give us a call. We have plenty of free parking with facilities out here in the country. Also....just drove through Michigan last week. That was the third time in three years. Beautiful state indeed!


Thank You -  I've just started trying to get it together for my adventure.
Bought my truck...or "TV" see I can learn! picked out a 06 AF 25' , and have been reading the RV.Net forums as fast as I can..

Now let me say, I've learned more from your site then I have from anything else. I'm amazed that you guys have been able to just cut loose and do this...Good for you!!

My Lady who was diagnosed with cancer about 10 days before her 50th BD died in Feb after 90 days of treatment...fast at least...

Doing the full time thing was something we had planned when we thought she would make it.. I've now decided to go on alone, it ain't easy nor will it be easy. But reading your stories has filled me with the desire to get up and get moving, I've been closed down for months now and have taken the first step ..now I plan to follow your trek and learn from your writings..

You've been such a big help already...I hope someday to run into you guys and be able to say 'thank you' in person.

The hardest part will be watching a beautiful sunset and have nobody to watch it with...but that too can change.

Anyway, thank you and please keep posting to your site...it keeps me company and will do double duty as I hit the road...

I plan to mostly boondock and I'm not too interested in campgrounds of the commercial type tho a place to do laundry would be nice I guess..

One thing I've changed after reading you stuff is I am going to get a solar unit, will still have a Honda 2000 genny to back the solar...I believe I read that you have the same rig, or was it 2 gennys?

Anyway I just wanted to say thanks

TJ Reeder
AKA tripwire


Here's More Info on the Badlands by a fellow traveler. Looks like he was in that area the same time you were.



Hi Pat,  Cool interview on N.P.R. (you sound taller on the radio J) – thanks for sharing it.

Enjoy your summer in Michigan and time with your family.

Tom & Mary


Hi Pat and Cindy,

I heard your interview on NPR and found your blog. Just browsed a little but plan to read it through.

We are also young fulltimers (early 50's) and we've been on the road for 4 years. We dry camp about 50% of the time, use solar power, etc. We enjoy the desert, so we have a swamp cooler installed and we do OK off-the-grid in temps up to 100 as long as we have water.

We semi-retired for about 18 months and loved it! We still travel fulltime but I work a 40 hour week via internet and cell phone. Chris puts in about 20-30.

With gas prices up we're making fewer RV side trips this year than before, but still doing a 10k mile circuit like previous years; FL to CA and back over a 9 month period. Currently in Las Vegas and heading to Reno/Tahoe in the next few weeks.

Happy travels and good luck,

Mac McClellan


Concerning the NPR interview......Very cool. You sounded nasal-ly, do you have allergy problems right now?


Don Wessel - Roasting my Butt off in Arizona right now!


Hi Pat and Cindy,

Yesterday we were in a store in West Yellowstone getting some lunch meat at the deli counter and came (no pun intended) across a new kind of ham.

The trip has been great so far, we Kayaked the snake river from the Jackson Lake dam down a few miles, went into the back water in the Ox Bow Bend, and paddled up within 20 feet of a grazing moose, made the Kayaks worth it already.

Yellowstone was cool, though we liked Teton's better, less crowds and we got tired of rotten eggs. Moving on to Glacier a day early since there are more alpine scenes here and kayak places. It will also give us more time in Canada.

Jeff Bettenga


Hi Pat and Cindy! I had a few free minutes here at work, so I got caught up on your blog. I had a good chuckle about the "race" home on I-75. You didn't mention that I won. LOL! Just kidding. My camper is a handful over 65MPH, but the boat pulls great at 70mph.....triple axle trailer, triple disc brakes and no sway.

My wife (Julie) and I would like to hear some of your stories, so we're game for a night of drinks. We just need a little notice so we can arrange child care.

Sometimes we use our camper for "backyard camping" and then use the dump out at Proud Lake Rec. area off of Glengary just west of Wixom Rd. Just a thought if you guys need a dump station....yearly State Park sticker is $24.

Talk to you soon,


Hi Pat & Cindy, Since you are here in MI now check out the fabric shopping bags at Meijers. They are only $1.00 each and they are great! I switched over to them about 6 months ago. They are big & sturdy, a great deal for a buck! BTW I take them into all the grocery/drug stores & no one seems to mind the Meijer logo.

Sorry to see you're back in MI, hope you get to leave again soon. :-)
- Leslie in Adrian, MI


Your green living comment reminded me of an article in another blog I read a few years ago.  I think Andy is still RVing but he slowed down on posting.
Have a great day!

Scott - Living vicariously through your adventures.


Hi Pat and Cindy, Thanks for updating your web site. I know things have changed and prices are high. Hope all is going well with you and still really enjoy reading your site. I have went back over it a couple of times and seems like every time I read it I find something that I missed before.

By the way, I love your bumper sticker. One of the guys I work with is from Detroit and he really liked it.

Hope you get to continue on your journey and write about it so folks like me can still see the world. lol.

Glad Cindy found ya'll a place to work on and fix up. Hope you sell it and make a bundle off it. Well, working is killing my reading time so I better get back at it.

Take care and hope all is well with you two. Keep up the good work.
ps. What's the name of the paper and is it on line?

CU later - Britt Chastain


Pat, thanks for the reply, I know how busy you two are trying to make some money to hit the road again. How soon do you think it will be?

What do you think of Tioga George staying in Mexico? Some random thoughts. I will be watching your site for updates.

Bob Mostue - Austin, TX


Greetings, I stumbled onto your website while looking up my old friend Morgan, who owns and runs Ghost Town Gear, in Jerome. I read some of your entries and love your style.

Cheers, Steve Grimes


Hello, As a person with dreams of RVing full time when I retire 8-10 years from now, I love the details and stories on your website. I’m wanting to do the same thing, no plans, etc but with a couple ATVs vs motorcycles.

I currently have a 11.5 foot truck camper, but have been looking into travel trailers for more room. I really prefer dry camping over pay sights. In my past travels, only 6 different states, I have seen a couple of campgrounds limit people on size of their RV. Have you run into any situations that would restrict you?

I’m considering a Forest River Sandpiper 291RL that is 30’5’ long and a General Coach 26RLS that is 30’8” long. I’d hate to have to go to a campground and be turned away due to length. Although both are 30 and a half feet long, the campers themselves have stickers that say 26RLS and 291RL on the sides. I personally have been to one campground that would only allow 26 foot or less in. I’m wondering if one would be allowed in and the other not due to perceived length differences due to the labels, 26 vs 29. Have you run into many/any situations where you couldn’t fit with a trailer?

On a side note, both have 51/52 gallons of fresh and black, but the 291 has a sweet 108 gallon grey tank vs the 51 grey on the General Coach model. From your readings, grey size seems pretty important. I have 46 fresh, 35 grey, and 40 black in my truck camper now and they seem to work about a week with two people. Your comments on lacking grey capacity is helping steer me towards the 291 model.

Thanks Lorne 11-10-08


Hello Pat and Cindy,  I just recently discovered your blog(s), but you'll never guess how!  I am a fellow RV traveler who has blogged my travels for the last three years Here.

I am not a full timer yet, but have managed to spend 2-3 months traveling each winter in the south-western US and Baja - and blogging along the way.

I recently started to track visits to my blog using the free (beta) services of
www.feedjit.com It shows if someone has reached my blog by way of another web site, or from a search engine. I was intrigued when I noticed that someone had visited my blog after a yahoo search for "Zulema Mulege"!

So, I pulled up that search, and of course - found your blog, and more pictures of my favorite little bartender from Ana's! I have visited Ana's and Zulema for the past two years, and was there just a week or two prior to your visit in March!

Check out my blog if you have the time - and I'll be checking out yours!  Right now, I travel mostly with my truck camper, but in less than 2 years, I hope to be on the road most of the time in my new 5th wheel! Maybe we will see you down the road sometime!

Take care, Ivan (and Harley) 11-4-08


Whew was I glad to see the recent update, I was beginning to worry about you guys! After following you for about a year or so, I feel like I know you both! That, and I was worried that you were no longer living my dream ;).

Keep the updates coming as well as the images. I'm shooting a 5D and love it! I use my 20D as my backup. Take care and get back to the ROAD!

Vicariously yours ;). Chuck, Kari, Cal and Eliza-Kate, Lincoln Nebraska


HI!!!  I don’t remember how I got turned onto your site; I believe it was from the RV.NET site while looking over the forums. You have no idea how much I wish we could be in your shoes, but the funny thing is, after reading over the first part of your story, we’re almost in the same shoes (up to a point). Cathy and I are 9 years apart, we’ve been together for 4 years now, and we met in the bar I was managing and haven’t spent too much time apart since then. Now we work together, she’s my boss; she’s been working here for 17 years!

We purchased our first travel trailer about a year or so after we met, 1989 Sunline Saturn 17’ which we just sold in the spring. About 6 months ago we purchased a newer model, but decided to go with someone who was still in business, ‘03’ Keystone Springdale 28’ (though I loved that little Sunline, it was just way too small for me being 6’2” and no bathroom to speak of). So far we’ve only made a few local trips, but are heading to Key West for the week between Christmas and New Years, this will be our second time doing this; we took the Sunline down there last year around the same time.

We’re working towards doing something similar to what you’ve done. We’ll probably still have to do some kind of work off and on to keep up with finances, probably staying at one place for a few months and then moving on.

I see you’ve already been through Virginia, if you ever make your way towards the south eastern part of the state again, drop us a line, we’d sure love to meet up with you and have a drink. You can park your camper right in our yard if you’d like, we’ve got no neighbors to speak of and sit out in the yard in front of the fire most nights drinking a beer. We’re about 60 miles due west of Virginia Beach and only about 20 miles from the NC border.

Take care and have fun, hope you make it back out on the road soon. Keep us all posted.

Marc Poirier 11-11-08


Pat and Cindy, Thank you for sharing your beautiful photos of Baja. We have a home in El Cardonal, just North of Los Barriles, and I am always trying to get some good photos for our home there. Yours are much better than any that I have ever taken and will look great around our home in Baja.

Thanks again, Milinda Smith 12-15-08


Merry Christmas to you and Cindy, and to your family!

Marleen Canniff - Managing Editor, Trailer Life 12-16-08


Merry Christmas to you two.  Be safe in your travels!! 
Tony Gioia - Milford 12-2008


Hi Pat and Cindy!  We were very pleased to hear from you again. We truly enjoyed following your travels last year and were disappointed when they ended. We are glad to hear you have plans to start again. Kathleen and I have been down again for Oct. and Nov. but flew home to a cold snowy Calgary winter to spend Christmas with family. We return on Jan. 5 and hope to find new places to visit this time in California. You inspired us to move around more than ever although our budget is quite limited. Our Canadian dollar is doing poorly this time but at least the fuel prices have dropped considerably since last year.

We stopped at the "Pebble Beach Resort" for one night in November to find Jim is still host. The place did not seem as homey as there were some unusual people "crazies" there. Gene and Darrell have not returned but we plan to visit Darrell at the RV park he was at last year before going off to California. Hope you do well selling your condo so you get back on the road soon.

We wish you both a Merry Christmas and Happy new Year.

Jerry and Kathleen - 12-16-2008


Hello, I’ve been reading your blog and I find it very interesting. I was trying to read the expense report. That’s something that I’m very interested in since I don’t have a lot of money. Your expense report is very hard to read because you have to continuously scroll right and left.

Stefan - 1-2-09


Hi - I have recently found your website and have spent a good amount of time reading your blogs and other info. Congrats on that photo going in the Baja Calendar! Lovely shot :) We are headed to Baja in about three weeks time. First time down there and really looking forward to the experience. Yup, I am a tad nervous but think we can do it alone and not in a caravan, despite the many warnings and people that say we are being silly to travel down there with all the problems...

I wonder if you can help point me in a good direction regarding the vehicle insurance.... there seems to be a good many out there and I am not sure which one is the best. We will be in a Class C motorhome and not towing, this time. Already we feel that there will be a 'next time'.

Again - I really enjoy your writing - we have done some traveling ourselves and recognize a good many of the places you have been. How lucky are we to be able to see all this beauty around us!

Thanks for a wonderful and informative site.

Annie www.anniesroadtravels.blogspot.com 1-3-09


Since you are going to be working in a National Park this summer, you might want to read a few of the books by Nevada Barr. She is a Park Ranger and has written a series of mystery book---her main character is Anna Pigeon. Her books take place in different national parks. The one High Country takes place in Yosemite where Anna Pigeon is working undercover at the Ahwahnee Hotel so it talks a lot about the employees.

Don't think she has done one in Yellowstone. I have not read them yet, but John has read several and enjoyed them. We have found them at our favorite second hand book store. She has a web-site. www.nevadabarr.com

Have a good one - Diane Trotter - Baja, Mexico 1-18-2009


Happy New Year Pat and Cindy!!!!!!! I miss daydreaming of all the great things you are seeing. When are you hitting the road again???????

Tammy Mahoney - 1-21-09


I'll try to keep this short, something it appears that none of us are good at....phew, there's a lot of stuff at your website!

I saw some of your photos at the General RV (mini)show. Wondered what the story was. Thought maybe some of the owners kids did some traveling, bad guess. Looking through some of your galleries, I happened across something familiar, my car (OK, one of them).

This should be it - It was a response to Mid-Ohio's $50 golf cart /ATV fee. $50, unless it has a license plate. OK, I have this old Festiva laying around, the picture is what happened, a convertible Festiva. Put about 100 miles on it in a long weekend there, never left Mid-Ohio property (Thought that was THE real plate? It is a Festiva plate, but not for that car (shhh!), I wouldn't drive it on the road like that). Took it there for the Runoffs two or three times, fun. And the ex-patio umbrella? In case of rain of course. Christmas lights on the tassels really grabbed attention at night. I race a Festiva in the HP class, by the way, that's why I had a spare car around.

And since you guys are RVers, not racers, I'll attach one of my pictures that's on the order of the many you have. I'd make you guess where it is, but from what I looked at your website so far, I don't think you've been to Colorado much. It was taken leaving the Amphitheater campground just outside (and above) Ouray Colorado this past summer. You hardly notice what you're going over unless you stop and get out. Great area of Colorado, not too crowded, incredible scenery, lots of 4WD roads, should you be taking suggestions.

Happy travels, maybe well see you on the road someday,

Tim - 2-05-09


Hi, My name is Bengi. I found your website last year shortly before you headed home. I have enjoyed reading of your adventures and you have inspired me to upgrade to some better camera equipment. Nothing as advanced as yours but I did get a Nikon D90.

I love the way you guys both keep a blog and it is interesting to see both sides of view. My husband and I purchased our first travel trailer in 2001. We have four kids and found that it is much cheaper to travel on vacations with our trailer. In 2005 we upgraded to a 5th wheel. Last summer before our big Disney World Trip we purchased a motorhome. This was awesome! The kids weren't breathing down our necks in the front of the truck.

I guess I'm rambling..... I just wanted to write and let you know I am so excited for you to be back on the road and will be praying over your travels. I enjoy the pictures and the blog. I guess I hope when all the kids are on their own (our youngest is 7) that we will be able to travel around this great country as you are.

Thanks and Happy Travels! Bengi - 2-11-09


Sue at the Red Dog told me you guys are heading for the warmth of the sun..........have a fun and safe trip........are you heading south or south west?  Did I ever ask you if you have seen Moab Utah?  Supposed to be mountain bike USA HQ  Amazing, amazing place........could barely wrap my mind around the myriad rock formations etc etc..........so different from the Midwest, anyhow, have a good journey to the sun........Rick Russell 2-11-09


Hi Pat & Cindy, It seems a life time ago that I e-mailed you. It was about kayaking the channel islands. Just want to say my addiction to your adventure and fun reading can start again. Hope your second leg is great fun and as always may it be safe.

A friend in your adventurous spirit!
Mark Moore, Judi & Spyder!
Newbury Park , Ca - 2-12-09


Hi Pat, Just wanted to drop you a line and tell you that I am glad to see you back on the road again. Loved the start up of the trip...

Just kidding. Sorry things went so slow to get back on the road. Glad ya'll are out there and really looking forward to each and every day of reading about your trip. Thanks again for sharing it with those of us who are still stuck in the daily grind. It is wonderful that you two are able to do this and I really appreciate ya'll sharing it.

Britt Chastain 2-18-09


Hi there, we enjoy reading about your adventures. I have a suggestion though. Could you please put the most recent post at the top of your blog? It is sometimes annoying to have to go all the way down to the bottom of the page to see if anything has been posted. If there is nothing new then I have wasted my time and need to go elsewhere. Most blogs are done with the recent posting at the top.
Thanks, Pat and Evelyn 2-18-09


'When we realize our insignificance in this world,
it some how relieves the pressures from society to succeed' - Cindy Bonish

I must disagree with your statement. You are one of the MOST significant beings on this earth. Only you can determine your future. Only you can make a meaningful difference in someone else's life. You have succeeded only when you reach your honorable goals. Your success make the society better. Society couldn't care less if you succeed.

Steve De Baets 2-18-09


Hey Pat, Great to see you guys back on the road again, sure you are both very happy about it! May you find sunshine and warm temps soon!

Here in central Illinois, the temp this morning is a cold 27° headed for a high of 35°, then snow moving in tonight! Setting at my dinette in my 07 Jayco Jayflight 27' 5th wheel, watching the deer play outside the slide out windows, makes me realize I only have another 39 days till I can get back to campground living for 7 months!

These past few months have been an experience for me I wasn't sure I could handle, but winter living in a 5er was not only possible, but every single day has been enjoyable! Having heated tanks was nice to be sure.....the dual electric blankets on the bed though were even nicer!

Will be keeping an eye on you 2 and hope that everything goes smoothly! Try not to fight too much, and just a reminder: ALWAYS check that your rear jacks are up before leaving!!

Have a great weekend!  John 2-18-09



Ok, just this one last time, and I’ll stop. That is just toooooo funny about your rain, cold, and snow adventures over the weekend!

We had a beautiful weekend, and the rest of the week is looking pretty darn good as well. Glad to hear nothing bad happened driving in the snow.

Hurry up and get to a warm place, will ya?


Don Wessel, Phoenix Arizona 3/2/09


Man you missed a nice weekend - Sunny mid 80's and a little bit of a sun burn, but hey what adventure is there in PERFECT weather. It didn't take 2 trucks and 2 tractors to get out of our driveway.

Thanks, Jeff Bettenga - San Diego, 3/2/09


Found your cards in the Columbia Mine, and thoroughly enjoyed your
write-up. Do you remember exactly where the oxygen sensor went off?
Was it by the ore-cars, or down by the water?

I did feel a bit light-headed when I came out. - Mike 3-9-09


Hi Pat and Cindy!  Just got thru reading the latest adventures and it is hilarious! Sounds like the best weekend ever and lots of fun. At least you have to admit Southerners know how to have fun. LOL

So great to be reading of your adventures again and just want to thank you for sharing them with us.

OK Cindy, its time to get your update going on here. I haven't read your side of the story yet!

Love hearing of your adventures and antics along the way and maybe someday be able to do a little traveling myself. Thanks again for sharing with those of us that are still in the working grind and letting us view the world thru your eyes.

Britt Chastain - Delano, TN 3-16-09


Hey Cindy! Happy Friggin Birthday! Hope you had a good day and evening. Now this is the part of the year that I am only 7 years older than you! I just turned 50 on March 24th, and let me give you some advice from a geezer: Take care of yourself and stay healthy.

Things tend to start falling apart in your 40's, and you're going to need all your health to make it into your 50's. I haven't done a bad job of it so far, but there are things I wish I would have done back then to be healthier and happier now.

Don & Denise Wessel 4-24-09


I visit Every Miles A Memory frequently and have gotten a lot of pleasure from it. You both have a writing style that makes your site fun.

I am a retiring Kindergarten teacher in So Cal. I have taught in both the inner city and an area of supposedly higher economic situations. The reason I bring this up is that I want Cindy to know that she's not alone in her childhood experiences.

There have been times in my career when I have wanted to strangle (or worse) parents for what they were doing to their kids. I've had kids who were living out of cars. I've had several that were physically or sexually abused (and I won't even begin to count the kids that were mentally abused). I've had students that were here one day and gone the next. Out of a class of 32 in my inner city classes, it was not uncommon for me to have had over 40 during the course of a year as the 'revolving door' of transient families came and went. I've had students already on their 4th or 5th school in KINDERGARTEN. Many parents who could not 'afford' to feed their families often fed their substance dependency (be it alcohol, drugs, or tobacco).

What is worrying to me is that it is extremely difficult to break the cycle. Many children follow in their parents' footsteps with abuse and dependency. This year, one of my former students with whom I spent many, many extra hours trying to help (as did the rest of the staff at our school) decided to take a bb gun and shoot at windows at the school. He did it during school hours. Police were called as we didn't know what kind of a gun it was he had and we went into lock down. He is now sitting in juvenile detention and will be there for quite some time as this was not his first run in with the law. We tried to get him help when he was young, but his family situation made intervention extremely difficult, even though we called Child Protective Services. Some parents know how to work the system. The boy is 14.

Many children from abusive families cling to their family the hardest. But, every once in awhile, there is a glimmer from a child who I know will break out. It sounds as if Cindy is one of those. She has broken her family mold. That is quite an achievement and one of which she ought to be extremely proud.

I'm sorry. I don't mean to be an arm chair philosophizer or psychiatrist. But, sometimes knowing you're not alone helps.

I enjoy your site. A lot.

Sandybee 4-26-09


Pat, here is the link to a site I think you and Cindy would enjoy reading. This man is riding a motor cycle with a side car attached….his passenger a great Pit Bull named Spirit, across the United States…….a bit kooky, rambling and somewhat hard to understand at times but at others very profound. He takes the most wonderful pictures which I am sure you would enjoy.

I told Pat about this blog that I have been reading for sometime now when he told me you intended to go to Texas. I don’t know how long they have been on their journey; I caught up with them in Texas and I have so much enjoyed reading of their adventures. Ara and Spirit made a trip through Texas and I was just mesmerized by the pictures he took.

You will have to, if you are interested and have the time, go back through his writings and find his Texas trip. He just came through Carlsbad Caverns and is now in Utah. He posts most every day and I can’t wait to see what he is doing.
Maybe you will like him and then again maybe not but I just thought since you are on a road trip of sorts as he is, with the exception that you stop where people are, his blog might give you some extra reading.

Regards,  Evelyn 4-24-09


Wow, just spent the last couple hours catching up on you guys adventures. Glad to see you on the road again. I really enjoyed the March blog as I did a similar route last year with my girlfriend in my 23' TT. Great time!

Left Cincinnati on the way to Savannah via a night in Ashville. Spent some time with my brother in Hilton Head, then a couple of nights in St. Simon Island, GA. Decided to head on over to Cedar Key and managed to get in touch with Dan. He seemed to be doing ok, had met a girl that he was in love with that had been a guest. She lived in Europe though! Not sure how it all worked out but he seemed pretty happy. I know he wanted to get out of Cedar Key though. I'm kind of bummed he's gone. Any idea on where he headed?

Anyway, spent a couple of fun days at his place partying with him and his guests, then headed up through Steinhatchee and on to St. Marks where we spent a couple of days. Got to know some folks at the local watering hole and I must say, quite the interesting crowd! If you ever get back that way, you can't miss Wakulla Springs. The boat tours they do are just amazing! Almost the highlight of the trip.

Anyway, we left St. Marks and continued on to Apalachicola and ended up spending 3 days on St. George's Island. That was the highlight of the trip! Unfortunately that was all we could fit in with our time off work. Anyway, just wanted to let you know someone else out there is enjoying your adventures! I'll leave you with a couple pics of Dan, hope he's doing well...

Cheers, Ron in Cincinnati - 5-13-09


Nice to see you are back on the road again where you belong.  We are still doing some occasional mine exploring (www.undergroundexplorers.com) deepest so far was 650 feet of pure vertical ladders in Joshua Tree area.

Jeff Bettenga


Hi Folks!  After many years hiatus we're getting closer to returning to camping. We're currently considering buying a 21' or 25' (not sure yet) Bigfoot TT.

We've been gleaning tips from sites like RV.net, but yours is spectacular. Many thanks for taking the time to share your tips with everyone, including us newbies. We want to do a minimum of 3-season camping and do lots of stays "off the grid." Your suggestions about conservative water use, solar power and battery recommendations are terrific.

Anyway, you probably have a site counter and notice all the hits you get. You probably wonder if someone uses your ideas, or if they do, why they can't say "thanks" for sharing everything. Well, this is one couple that wants to say thank you. We'll continue to use your site for reference as long as it's available - it's very informative. Thanks again. Take care and Happy Travels!

Kevin & Gay Ross
Osoyoos, BC 6 - 2009


Hi Pat! It looks like you're almost there. I'm glad because Jeff will not stop bitching to me about how slow you're driving across Kansas! Bummer about the bar falling off. I guess you'll be camped for a while and it won't matter. That's your weight distribution bar isn't it? Can your truck handle all that tongue weight without the bars (and with all the gear you have in the bed)?

We just got back from the Owens Valley on yet another mine exploring trip, check out the pictures here. I now have a Canon Digital Rebel and 18-55mm kit lens that I can take in the mines and abuse. I picked it up on-line for $150! What an improvement over the point and shoot.

Take care and drive safe!

Mike Schriber, San Diego - 6-2-09


Pat, You better hope that Cindy is not pregnant! LMAO! If you really pissed in her drug test cup, being as it a drug test for a Federal Job you could get fired before you even start. Of course they might have a good laugh.

Pat Allen - 6-5-2009


I stumbled across your website through POTN and have come to the obvious conclusion that you guys are living the dream. The wife and I hope to be following in your footsteps (tiretracks?) someday soon. The volume of information that you have on your site is a great starting point for those of us that hope to someday pack it all in and hit the road.

I have one question that I hope you can help me with. I’m very impressed by the quality of your pics and see from your equipment list that you use a variety of Canon lenses. I was wondering which one you use for the majority of your landscape and scenery shots? The wife and I are headed to Yellowstone and Grand Teton in early September and I’m looking for a good lens for the bazillion (or so) landscape shots that I know I will be taking. If I can get close to the quality of your shots I will be more than happy.

It’s great for the rest of us to be able to live vicariously through your adventures, but you have to be absolutely thrilled to be doing it for real. You have a very envious fan here in South Florida.

Thanks for letting the rest of us catch a glimpse of your dream.

Larry Burns  6 - 2009


Very Impressive Smugmug site, over 10,000 Pics WOW!!

Looking forward to meeting you in Yellowstone this summer

Rob Daugherty - The Vest Guy 6-14-2009


So, Cindy, are you holding your breath in this picture, or are you actually that skinny? Also, is Pat standing on a curb or something? He looks taller than I remember him being…

Nice pic in any case!

Don Wessel - Arizona - 6-22-09


Hi Pat, It’s me, Joe Borri. I wrote Eight Dogs Named Jack, the book that you were kind enough to post a review about on my Amazon page. I was there today and thought back to that time a couple years ago, that it was nice of you to do.

Just wondered how you and your wife were doing on your trek, what was in the future. Hope you’re both well. It’s tough in the D. I switched to a studio in Atlanta after 19 years at Skidmore.

Best regards and God Bless you guys.
Sincerely, Joe - 6-24-09


I love your blog!

I am selling my home now ( with a prospective buyer on the line) and look forward to living the dream full time.

Maybe I'll see you guys on the road.

Keep up the awesome job you're doing with your blogs.

Peace, Russ 6-26-09


Pat, just had some time to look through your blog, and wow am I impressed with the photos! You must be in hog heaven!! (Since Cindy is now Talking with God, and getting signs of you peeing in the camper...LMFAO!)

Anyway, just wanted to say we miss you guys, and will try to do what we can to visit you this summer!

Take care!

Derrick Smigiel - Minnesota  6-29-09


I have been stewing on a dream about doing what your guys are doing!! I came across your site by the way of smugmug, I was looking for some pictures of Bandelier NM and did a search and found your pics. I would consider your pics the best ones out the ones I looked at!! I would like to spend some more time perusing your site when I get back from my trip!! Headed to Bandelier tomorrow, then Arches, Bryce Canyon and Zion with my Dad. Have you been to Big Bend NP yet? Wow that place is cool!

See you on the road!


Ethan Tweedie
www.ethantweedie.com  6-30-09


Hey Pat, From your blog entry today, I REALLY have to wonder if you guys will be able to hold out for the season!! I've been following you for a couple years now, reading the blogs, checking out the great pics, but even though we are not personally acquainted I know how much you hate the corporate world and the nonsense that goes with it!

You are both young enough yet to chuck those jobs and long hours at Yellowstone and get back to doing what makes you happy! And that is traveling! Although $3672. in tips for a month isn't to bad, and granted 2 or 3 months of that would buy a whole lot of fuel, anyone that reads your blogs regularly can read between the lines and see that you both are unhappy as hell!

I know you probably don't want to burn your bridges behind you, but you should seriously think about getting the heck out of there!! Before you both regret it! Just my 2 cents...........we will all still be out here rooting for you both!

Lamb 7-6-09


Thanks for taking time out of your breakfast the other morning to talk to us. Thanks for also including us in your blog. I guess I was rude and forgot to introduce my wife, whose name is Becky. I was telling my in-laws about your website and that you were in the park and they thought it was absolutely amazing that we met up. They couldn't stop talking about it for the rest of the trip.

We didn't see the bighorn ram up at the Yellowstone picnic area but we did look for him quite a bit. Thanks for helping us figure out which trail to take to see the Great Prismatic Spring. I know you've been trying to hike each morning and if you need a short hike, about 1-1/4 miles total, take this one. The spring is beautiful from on top of the hill. If you have more time you could always continue on to Fairy Falls.

We also hiked to the top of Mount Washburn. If you really want to stretch your legs this is one to do it. The views from on top is amazing.

Keep your chin up when it comes to working in the park. I had a year like that this year teaching school. From apathetic students to a lousy administration it was a tough one. However the good kids kept me in it. Just think of the good photos.

Looking forward to your posts. We weren't able to get too good of photos, with 11 people it was tough to stop and get good ones. We're already planning our own trip to Yellowstone so that we can the photos that we'd hope to get this time around

Tim 7-6-09


Pat, Holy crap man, I just read your latest update! Sounds like you are in one of those "another shitty day in paradise" situations. To be honest, I was wondering how long you two would last up there, which is why Denise and I wanted to come see you in June rather than later in the summer. In my opinion, you guys are not meant to work for others.

I know you work hard, and try to make the best of situations, but if those things are not asked for or appreciated, then you may as well not be doing them. Try to find something else to do for money that makes you two the bosses!

Come on Pat, you and Cindy are clearly pretty smart people with tons of personality. Think of something!  I hope you two come to some resolution for your problems. Don't go getting depressed or anything. Remember, there are people out there that still envy the crap out of you guys.

Hang in there!

Don Wessel - Arizona 7-7-09


You guys have a lot of pro environmental quotes on your site for which you are to be commended. My question is "Why do you have this one? It is totally non-environmental?

'Earth First, We Can Mine The Other Planets Later'

I also wanted to tell you guys that of the sites I have seen, you have the best BY FAR fulltime RV site. Super information. I'm working on RVing. Right now I drive and stay in hotels. Need to change. You also mention a company I work for in one of your updates - Patagonia. Thanks for the plug.

Peter K Noone - 7-7-09


Hi Pat and Cindy, I just read your blogs and was not at all surprised by your decision. For something that sounded so good to begin with, it sure did not live up to the promise. I don’t blame you guys at all. I wonder how long of a contract this firm has to manage the facilities in Yellowstone? Maybe things will change for the better in the future.

I've worked for the same company (a very large international company) for 36 years and still work 1 day per week as a consultant. All corporate America is not bad. Our company motto is “Make Money, Have Fun and Respect People”. For most of my career they have tried to live up to that. With the downturn in the economy, some tough decisions are being made and I see some changes that I dislike due to some of the leadership changes, but it is still a good place to work.

You guys are survivors and I know you will land on your feet with your integrity in tact. Maybe you should come back to Arkansas

Best wishes,

Mike Waddell, Maumelle, Arkansas 7-8-09

"In youth we learn, in age we understand" - Marie Ebner von Eschenbach



Hang in there and don't forget to breathe! You only have 2 more weeks left and if you feel like you are about to go postal you can always make it 2 days, 2 hours or say "See ya' bye."

We will all know things are better when Cindy updates her pages!!! Good luck finding something and let us know what your next step is.

By the way, I am a corporate rat living vicariously through you!!! I am depending on you to find something that will keep you going!!

Pam 7-8-09


Hi Pat & Cindy!  I am really enjoying reading your blogs, and have several of my friends hooked on it also! I can only speak for myself, but I think it is great that you are blogging about what it is REALLY like working there, and expressing your gripes and groans as well as all the upsides!

I also feel that Cindy should be updating her blog, and letting it all out! This is your life right now, and it isn’t all positive, as much as everyone would like it to be. There is nothing wrong with blogging negative stuff, as long as it is the truth and not vindictive, and I just can’t see either one of you doing that.

Your website is “Every Mile’s a Memory”, and these are your memories…so get them in print so you remember them (if nothing else, so you don’t make the same mistake twice)! I don’t know if you have read the magazine “Outside”, but it is one of my favorite magazines because of their “real” journalistic style. They don’t edit, and they don’t sugarcoat. They print their interviews more or less verbatim, and in my opinion the journalistic impact is far greater.

Yeah, the swear words are left in (ALL of them), but that is LIFE, and you get to know the subject so much better when reading the articles. I get a lot of that feeling from your writing, and I really enjoy it. So Cindy, save Pat's ear and do some blog venting !!!

Have a great week and look forward to those days off!!!!

Jana T. - Thompson Photography - South Dakota - 7-8-09




My son and I ran into you the day after you shot the coyotes. You were up on a hill by the road looking at the coyotes a little ways out and you allowed my son to look through your big lens. You gave me a card and I'm just now unpacking and came across it. Anyway, I can see that it is going to take me days to look through your site. You have a lot there and I can't wait until I get a chance to look it all over.

Thanks again for sharing your camera with my son that day. We ran into so many nice people in Yellowstone and the Teton NP's.

I've attached a picture I took a few days before that at dusk near old faithful. I'm an amateur, but I was pretty happy with this one.

It was nice to meet you. I'm sorry I didn't get to meet Cindy as well. If you are ever in Oklahoma, please let me know. If you are in my area I would love to take you guys to dinner when you pass through and get the scoop on your adventures!

Billy Young - 7-8-09


Hi! I can't believe after years of bookmarking photographic blogs I found your blog through a link on Aquapac, but I am so glad I did!!!!! While I plan on spending hours of vicarious joy browsing your site, I think you are the people to ask this one looming (and much researched but still yet un-definitively answered) question: what tele-photo lens should I rent to take to Alaska?

I have a Canon Rebel (but will prob have upgraded to the 50d by the time I go) a Sigma wide angle and the "Bigma", but I really want to "reach out" and get some good wildlife pics. Would you recommend the Canon 400 f/2.8 IS USM, or something else? I will deal with size, weight, anything else, as long as I get good clear shots!

I'm sure you have thousands of people contact you all the time so thank you in advance for any time you can give me. Again, looking forward to spending time with your blog!

Gina Still - Windyville, Missouri 7-10-09


Hi Pat and Cindy!  Sorry to hear that things are still "corporate minded" even in the Parks System. Just wanted to say "Thanks" for sharing the in's and out's of work camping. Like you said in your blog, I think it appropriate to give both the positive and the negative sides of it.

Was hoping that you guys would get to make it thru the summer to show some of the beautiful fall pics, but as it is going I am afraid it would not be worth the stay. Best wishes on which ever way you decide to go and thanks for letting all of us out here tag along for the ride! Life's too short to pass up!
Britt Chastain

PS. Just want to share this with you. A good friend wrote this and gave it to me a long time ago and I have found it to be useful along the way. I think it is absolutely correct.

"No one can make promises about the future. The best we can do, is calculate the risks involved, estimate our ability to deal with them, then make our plans with confidence." - T.F.R.

Good Luck, and God Bless! - Brit Chastain - 7-10-09


Hi guys , Sorry to hear about all that's going on. 1st off, if all this crap is causing
the two of you to argue like you described in your blog , then it is not worth it !!!!! Hook up and move on . You don't owe them a damn thing.

Remember some guy said "It is better to try and fail , then never to have tried at all."  You gave it better then your best shot.

When I was out there 2 years ago, I was set up in the Teton's in the Virginian RV park. For the last part of our three month trip. (22 days in Jackson) Long story short, Went looking for a map of the area with all the back roads. The guy who waited on me was great. Turned out he was just two sites from me in the park.

This was he and his wife's 2nd year back. She worked in the same store as him ( sports store) they were part time and had days off to go out and photograph, they loved it and said they would be back the next year. I think what I am trying to say is When one door closes, another opens.

I will keep popping in and following you on OP

Best of luck
Sal Photosal - 7-11-09


Hi there, you met my husband, Ron, in the employee parking lot the other day. I just now looked up your blog to see what you had to say and the pictures you have taken. I just wanted to make a comment on your job here at Yellowstone.

These are temporary workamper jobs, granted, you said you'd stay the summer, but, you didn't bargain for the fact that they lied to you. It's not like you have to stick it out for a promotion or anything, it's a temporary job! If what you signed up for isn't what it is in reality, don't stay! There are a lot of jobs out there looking for people to work, especially now, with the college kids going back to school.

So, glad you finally made the decision to go, I know you will find what you are looking for to earn money for the rest of the summer season. There are some great jobs out there, working for private citizens just like you and me, and of course, not all corporate jobs are run like this one. We have a friend here in the park, that operates the photo tours in the small yellow antique cars/buses. She once worked for Glacier and although the job driving the Jammers through the park on the sightseeing tours was fun, dealing with management was not, so she just stayed one season.

She seems to like this one better, but, then, she's not working in the restaurant like you two are. The friend we're staying with, Gail, this is his fourth year here, but, he works for the Yellowstone Association in the book stores that are found in the Visitor's Center and he loves his job. Have you even considered working for Walt Disney World? We've had lots of friends who have worked there and some of them have been in food service.

Whatever you do, have fun, because life on the road is one big adventure every day. We've been doing this for over 16 years now and wouldn't trade this life for any other. Thanks for your blog, it is most informative and just for your information, we both agree with you totally about our government. Taking money away because you made too much profit on the sale of your business and home is just nuts! What's happening to our freedoms?

Hugs, Sharon & Ron Mead - 7-11-09



Guys,  I just read Pat's post from Thurs...things sound a little tense and rightly so, you have both made some big changes.

I'm not one to pry into personal matters so I'll be brief...about 7 yrs ago my marriage was on the rocks...well actually we were whatever is worse than being on the rocks...long story short we established a relationship with Christ and then began working on our marriage. I'm not passing judgment on you guys, I just want "life" to work for you both, and regardless every marriage needs to grow, soooo, when you get a chance, you might order two copies of this book...it is awesome.

"The Five Love Languages" by Gary Chapman. Not that I think your marriage is where ours was...but more importantly, it will bring you two even closer (not that a 29 ft trailer can't do that ;)

You guys take care and keep updating the site!

Regards, Chuck and Kari - 7-11-09


OK, well, I've read your blog from Saturday.....and just read Cindy's from Sunday, and it SOUNDS like you 2 are getting back on the same page!! I agree with you on the IRS and how we really get screwed over if we are industrious in life and make a profit!! I would use that credit line if I had to, and figure out how to pay it back later.....not your wife's way of thinking I know!

You 2 are such a "trip"!! We rarely hear from you about the yelling and the fighting that goes on, guess that's why I usually only read YOUR blog!! I wonder what your dogs would say to you guys if they could talk!!

Hang on to that wife you got Pat! She's a keeper!

John - 7-12-09


Hey there! I just spent some time on your website and you are REALLY REALLY GOOD!  Just saying 'hi' and would love to shoot with you if you're ever in Vegas.  Hope to learn a lot from you or at least pick your brain sometime, thanks! Cameron - Colorjunkie -7-12-09


Pat and Cindy,  You want to sell photos? You mean I'm supposed to be BUYING these photos? I've been stealing them just as fast as you put them up on the Internets!

Not really. I kid. I'm a kidder.

Donation button? Hmmm, I'm not sure I would use it, but I'm sure that lots of folks out there would actually pay for following along with your antics. I don't think it's tacky at all. You are on an adventure, and choose to share it out of the kindness of your hearts. I know that posting all the photos and writing the blogs and maintaining the rest of your website is hard work, and actually costs you money each month. Gee, I think I talked myself into hitting a donation button, once you have one that is.

I do appreciate the effort and skill that you two put forth with your photography. I for one would certainly pay good money (well, ok money at least) for a calendar with your photos on it. Let me know when and how much.

Have fun! Don 7-22-09



I'm glad you guys are back to doing what really makes you happy and I hope I get to see you again this year. If you end up somewhere within driving distance from me this summer, let me know, maybe I could meet up with ya - I'd love an opportunity to get out of the Phoenix heat!!!

Hope you had a good day!

Nancie Dion - 7-27-09


Hi Pat and Cindy:  About 18 to 24 months ago, I wrote to you with questions about trailers. In the past month, I've "retired," we've sold our home, bought a truck, and recently purchased an Arctic Fox 25P. We are following in your foot steps and we even hit Yellowstone this past week to break in the trailer after testing the systems in Casper for 10 days so that we didn't have any surprises after leaving the dealer.

After just a short time, Robin and I are already forgetting what day it is. We're now heading for Forest Service land around Philipsburg, MT where we can do a bit of dry RVing. We also had a couple of solar panels put on top so that we could be off of the grid as much as possible. Great wildlife photos on your blog. We spent an evening on the road between Tower Junction and Cooke City and were rewarded with fewer people and lots of wildlife.

Thanks,  Scott


Cindy, It was a pleasure meeting you at Cheyenne Frontier Days Rodeo. Thanks very much for purchasing a copy of my first book "My Cowboy Hat Still Fits". Also thanks for the positive feedback on the book.

Thanks for mentioning my book and link to my website on your website.

I sold a copy of my second book titled "Justin" to a friend in LaPorte, Colorado on Saturday night. She got up on Sunday morning and read the entire book cover to cover. She finished the book that day. She just couldn't put it down.

Best of luck throughout your journeys and travels across the nation.

Take care,  Abe Morris 7-28-09


Just so you know..... the phrase 'She Who Must Be Obeyed' comes from a
series of books by John Mortimer, 'Rumpole of the Bailey.'

Rumpole was also made into a TV series by the BBC in the 80s (I think), starring Leo McKern. I have the books, the audio books, and the DVDs. So, I guess I'm a Rumpoleaholic. My mother in law has a sweatshirt with She Who Must emblazoned on it. So, if you search on the internet, you'll probably find something.

Good luck on your travels! I love your blog.



Hey Guys, I enjoyed reading your blogs and viewing the great pictures. My wife and I have been traveling around the west since May in our TT visiting some of the National Parks.

Scott & Jaime


Hey Pat, Bob Mostue here again, I saw your mention of trans temps today and wanted to add my 2¢. I would say the easiest thing to do would be to Install a trans temp gauge first in order to know what's going on temp wise. You want to keep the temps 200° or below.

If there's a town around You could get a elec. temp gauge cheap and screw the sensor right into your transmission test port. Very easy. And cheap. The exhaust thing is much more Money and you would need a place to install it. I know because I did it and had to ask my friend to help because someone needs to guide the down pipe While it is installed from the bottom.

All that is going to do is lower your exhaust temps. Not the trans. If you had a exhaust temp gauge that would Help but if you take it easy on the throttle you will be alright. As far as the fan coming on more often, I cant answer that but I remember my 7.3 used to come on all the time and it was no big deal.

Your engine has a much different fuel system so you need to ask a 6.0L guy about that. The reason I talk about the trans is that they really like clean and cool fluid. What ever you can do to accomplish that you avoid a expensive trans repair.

IN fact, I added a spin-on Filter and a extra cooler on my F150 and disconnected the line going to the radiator and my temps stays below 180° pulling my TT.

The fluid does not need to Warm like the engine so don’t worry about lower temps in the trans. Keeping the fluid clean and cool is the magic formula for long trans life.

I never in my whole Life have ever had to have a automatic trans worked on. But --- That’s just me.

Keep up the good job. You and Cindy are very fortunate. I know its hard to always be positive but you two do a good job of doing that. Good luck your second Time around at Yellowstone.

Bob Mostue
Austin, Texas
Following your adventures. 8-2009


I hope you enjoyed your hike up Mt. Washburn. That was one of the highlights of our trip in July. It is one hell of a hike though. My lungs were on fire. Of course it didn't help to watch my nieces and brother in law RUN up the hill. He was wearing flip flops to really rub it in. I know what you mean about little shits running down the hill tearing stuff up. We had two go by us on the way down. Mouthy little kids too.

You saw a ton more wildlife then us. There had been sightings of a grizzly the few days before we hiked it but all we saw were a few ground squirrels.

It looks like you are really enjoying your stay in Yellowstone now. I'm glad to see that. This seems like a much better fit for you two. Plus it'll keep you on the road longer allowing me to live vicariously through you.

Have fun. I've included my first attempt at doing a panorama which I shot on top of Washburn. I know it needs a ton of Photoshop work but thought I'd toss it in

Tim Gregory 8-29-09


Hey Pat , how are you ?

I'm Bernardo Rodrigues professional photographer in Brazil. I watch your web site, discover because I search for a gimball, nice work you have , I work if some same things, nice shots in smugmug

I love USA, live in big bear CA and boulder city NV ,2005 and 2007 

Regards, Bernardo Rodrigues, Brazil 9-9-2009


That was TOO funny about the guy with the axe sitting outside. I actually laughed out loud at work when I read that. I would do the same thing in that situation!

Cindy, that's weird about the owl on Wednesday. Both Denise and I were having trouble sleeping Wed. night, and we heard a very loud owl outside our house, probably on top of our house, at about 1:00am. I was a pretty cool thing to hear.

Hope you are doing fine and staying warm. It is finally getting less hot here so we can go outside again. I even rode the motorcycle to work today for the first time in 2 months.

We are busy getting ready to go to Hutchinson, KS for the Heavy Duty Truck and RV rally the week of Oct. 5th. I think we are leaving Phoenix on October 1st, heading up to Flagstaff, then east on I;40 to Tucumcari, NM, then northeast to Hutchinson. I still need to wash and wax the grungy trailer before we go, and I'm not looking forward to it.

Chow for now!

Don, Phoenix 9-18-09


Pat, I picked up the seat pad this morning. I will put it in the mail tomorrow. I was just reading the list of stuff you take when you go hiking.

You list the Glock but don’t take a hand held GPS? Just wondering.

Bob 9-29-09


I am retired and considering doing what you guys have done..but it's a little scary, being a single female! Your blogs are fascinating and full of info, and you have some beautiful shots! (I have the 40D and 50D and a bunch of lenses too).

I'm dying to see more of the west. IF you get back to Tennessee, look for Fall Creek Falls State Park. Very nice campground and many waterfalls and trails, nature museum, deer, etc. You would not regret it. I think I just need a good shove to get into traveling, lolol.

Karen 10-4-2009


Hi Pat & Cindy,
The Yellowstone Fire looked really scary, your photo's are awesome !

Mary (and Chet) 10-4-09


Pat,  Colleen and I had a blast riding with you and Jim in Moab. Well tomorrow we are back to work with that lame 9-5 job, wish I had your hours:-) Travel the world, have a blast, and take some pictures!

I loved the write-up you put on your blog and wonder if you mind if I post some of it on some message boards such as KTMTalk and few others. Of coarse I would link your web site. Also if you do any slick editing on those photo's, please drop off a copy in the mail box. I am going to work on a video from the helmet cam and use some of your pictures in it, but I need to look over hours of video from the week we were ridding down there.

I also meant to give you a few buck for the photos, but forgot with all the stuff going on, so we donated a few bucks on your web site. Give us a call if you are ever in the St Louis area.

Chad and Colleen 10-11-09


It was really cool to meet you guys in San Rafael. You have an inspiring story that most of us envy.

Pat it was great to stay up solving the issues of the world, glad that we had that time.

I really wanted to at least fill the tank on your rig to donate something to your endeavors. If you are ever in the Utah again and you need a place to crash or re-supply please let me know, my house is plenty big enough to accommodate the two of you and your dogs and the door is always open to good folks like you.

Good luck and I hope you can continue your trek for a long time to come.

Jake Ward, Utah 10-12-09


Hi Pat and Cindy

I’ve just discovered your website and really am enjoying it. I discovered it following your Ride Report on AdvRider on “Dual Sport Utah”. You have done a fantastic job with all of the info you have provided in your website.

You are living my dream. I hope to get on the road in a couple of years with a similar truck and trailer setup. I have a GMC Duramax 3500 crewcab and a 28’ travel trailer and 3 KTMs, I can’t take all of the bikes I know.

You have given me some good ideas on things like the solar system. What is the approximate cost of the solar system? How much water do you carry?

I live in San Clemente, Ca (Southern Cal) and we have a very nice state park here in town, right on the beach, that you may want to visit if you’re in the area. Another nice park in the area is Doheny State Park. If you are passing through let me know, I would love to visit you.

Keep up the good work and stay on the road as long as possible

Dave Caple 10-22-09


Pat and Cindy,

You took me back to my Maico 490 days - scrambling over rocks and sand at unbelievable speeds! I have been to most the areas around Moab (MC and Jeep) and you sure tickled my memory bank. How do I get some of this crippled motorcycle rider money? :^)

By the way, we were staying at the Red Cliffs Lodge Sunday and Monday night (October 18th and 19th - Room 205). Ate at the restaurant both nights. Your 72 year old riding buddy is very lucky. With my balance totally gone, no ankles, and over weight, I wouldn't last through the first turn! And then someone would have to start my bike for me. :^)

While we were there we photographed the ghost towns of Cisco, Thompson Springs, and Sego. I really enjoy your blog - too bad I wasn't paying attention!!!! I even had my lap top with me. Sigh.

Keep in touch.

Steve and Bobbie
Bingham Photography


Hey, I couldn't help but notice your truck.  It has a unique look.  Very rugged, extended mirrors, dogs hanging out the window.

We were on our way up Kane Creek Valley, Moab on our 2 KTM's and one Suzuki. We likely looked like we were lost, as we passed you twice and you passed us once.  I'm not totally sure of the day, likely the 21st?

We're from Vancouver, BC and were in Moab for 8 days of riding.

Anyway I sitting in the rain at home and was thinking about the great time we had in Moab, and came across your web site, I think.

Take care.

Vancouver, BC 10-31-09


Hi Pat and Cindy, I am happy for you in your new adventure, I am sure you will put you stamp on it and make it into something real special. I can't wait to see it.

After you sent the 45 lessons in life, I thought I should send you a pic of my new ride in front of my log cabin. It is a hoot.

Darrel, Prescott 12-20-09


Hello Pat and Cindy,

My name is Ken Peterson and I also post on the YNet board under Kamper from Green River Wyoming.

I liked your posts about working in Yellowstone and I think it opened alot of peoples eyes, it did mine. I/we have thought about working there ourselves someday after we retire so we could enjoy the Park on a more intimate level, maybe that might not be possible if we work.


Hey Pat & Cindy,

What's with the snow??? I hate to tell you (yea right) but I was one person not freezing while reading your blog

"Unless you live in Australia or in South America, you're probably reading this while the heater is working overtime to keep the pipes from freezing."

Its been extra warm hare for 3 weeks. During the holiday week, my cousin Mason was out visiting his parent (Jim & Sue) and he helped me get the motorcycle going again. I have bee riding with only jeans and a t-shirt. It has gotten in the low 80's lately. If you need to go to Vegas again, your welcome to take the Vulcan next time.

Actually as you know Mike is down under and I see in his pictures, he is even wearing a coat.

Jeff Bettenga - Bettenga's Travels 1-7-2010


Did you ever go to Mesa Verde? It is one of my favorite places. A storm came and knocked the power out when we were there so we didn't get to see the all of the things in the museum.

I have been following you since you left Mich. I live in Southern Mich.

God bless.  Sondra Raymo - 1-18-2010


Pat,  It’s Jim O’Reilly from Milford checking in. I ran across your blog accidentally a couple of weeks ago and have been following your project in the keys. I have yet to get through your entire blog but it kept me awake all night last week catching up on your adventures.

In your latest entry you mentioned that you were going to the Overland Expo in AZ in April and I thought I may ride out and see you. One of my colleagues and I were discussing attending the Expo but if your going to be there I may take it more seriously and begin planning the trip.

One of my motorcycles is a KTM 990 Adventure that I take on solo adventures to cool places whenever I can. Last fall I rode to Riggins ID, via the Eastern Sierras camping in remote locations and some not so remote locations such as Lake Tahoe. I camped on the banks of the Salmon River and rode home through the deserts of NV.

For Christmas I rode out to Death Valley and camped out in the desert for a few days to clear my head. In the desert you have to drink your beer in the morning when it’s cold and save the whiskey for the night. I have a Yosemite ride and a Moab/Arches/Zion/other cool Utah National Parks ride set up for the fall of ’10 and there is a nice Montana ride in July but that is a haul.

I know a couple of the people who will be displaying products at the expo since I’ve ran into them on my travels and I’m looking forward to seeing those folks also. In addition I will be keeping my eyes open for a good deal on a 4x4 Sportsmobile as I’ve seen plenty of those in remote locations.

The photography on your site is awesome!!!! I will have my DSLR along with me and expect some free tips in exchange for beer (the universal currency). I hope to see you guys and can’t wait to hear the stories of your travels.

Take care,

O’Reilly - 2-9-2010


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